Cool Off with Some Gelato at These 3 Local Shops

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | August 17, 2016
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Anyone who has had the privilege of taking a trip to Italy will surely have tried and subsequently died after trying the country’s authentic ice cream: gelato. While it just be ice cream to some, those who have tried it will know the difference between gelato and what passes for ice cream in America. Maybe it’s the fact that gelato isn’t prepared the way American ice cream is, or maybe it’s the fact that gelato uses less cream and more milk than ice cream. In any case, we know we love it and that’s all that matters, right? Wrong. What also matters is where you can get your fill of this delicious treat in metro Detroit.

Dolce Gelato Cafe

Dolce Gelato Cafe is located inside the Vince and Joe’s Gourmet Market Shelby Township location. Framed around creating a European feeling through its atmosphere, Dolce Gelato Cafe’s speciality is gelato. As with all authentic gelato, preservatives are not used here, which makes for a more natural taste. Dolce Gelato Cafe carries 35 flavors of gelato, including lemon, strawberry and espresso.


The Greek-inspired pastry and gelato shop is located in, well, Greektown. Krema not only serves up plenty of flavors of gelato, but also custard-filled Greek pastries (known as bougatsa), handmade pies, doughnuts and Kremnuts (Krema’s branded version of a cronut). On the gelato side of things, many of its Gelato flavors can be made into smoothies, as well. With so few locations in Detroit with authentic gelato, Krema is a gem that we hope sticks around.

Zingerman’s Creamery

While Zingerman’s Creamery specializes in cheese, don’t take that as a chance to write off their gelato offerings. With a rotating list of seasonal flavors, like blueberry sorbet, goat cheese cherry chip and Luciano’s lemon, as well as year-round flavors, like burnt sugar, coconut macaroon and nocciola, Zingerman’s takes its gelato game seriously. Zingerman’s is located in Ann Arbor, but they distribute their product all over the country. You can find their gelato in several Busch’s grocery stores across metro Detroit.

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