3 Surf ‘n’ Turf Restaurants in Detroit

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | July 15, 2016
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Seafood and red meat make for, arguably, the greatest meals one has ever had. Better known as surf ‘n’ turf, the combination of seafood and red meat (typically steak) is something people have feasted their taste buds on for as long as I can remember. Needless to say, it’s a dish that has been around for ages and sees no end in sight. But, where can you grab some of these tried-and-true meals to die for?

Detroit Seafood Market

Located just a short walk from the Detroit RiverWalk, Detroit Seafood Market, prepares not only seafood like fresh walleye, snapper and salmon, but great red meat plates, as well. If you’re looking for real surf and turf, give “Kenny’s Personal Favorite” (sauteed shrimp, catfish, chicken and beef tenderloin tips tossed in red pepper flakes, spinach and mushrooms over rice) a try.

Coach Insignia

This next one isn’t an everyday sort of surf and turf meal. Coach Insignia delivers a high-class dining experience that is replicated in the quality of the food they prepare for their guests. When it comes to surf and turf, though, look no further than the “By Land, By Sea, By Air” dish. A seven ounce grilled filet, butter poach lobster lobster tail, foie gras ganache, foie gras demi glace and whipped potatoes make this a meal to write home about.

Fishbone’s Rhythm Kitchen Cafe

With locations across the metro Detroit area in Greektown, Southfield and St. Clair Shores, Fishbone’s provides a great combination of seafood, sushi and steaks. While there are plenty of “New Orleans Favorites” to choose from, a surf ‘n’ turf fan will look straight to the “Land and Sea” dinner plate: 4 oz. lobster tail & a 5 oz. filet mignon or 2 lamb chops. If that doesn’t quite scratch the itch, Fishbone’s serves plenty of more seafood and red meat options.

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