4 Bands from Detroit You Should Be Listening To

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | June 19, 2017
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In the metro Detroit area, there is an eclectic mix of musical talent that spans all genres, ages and walks of life.This should come as no surprise. After all, it is the birthplace of Motown and an entire genre of music. Just a couple weeks ago, we featured local band Drinkard Sisters, who is in the process of making the full jump from duo to five-piece band by recording their first full-length album and planning a tour. If you’re like me, your ears are always begging to hear some new favorite tunes from the Detroit area. Guess what? You’re in luck, dear reader because Detroit is the last place you’ll be hard-pressed to find your next favorite band. Just check out these four bands from metro Detroit.


We caught up with Handgrenades back in 2013 after the release of their first full-length album, The Morning After. Now, more than four years later, the band has changed its lineup from four to five members and released an EP called 52, and a sophomore album called TUNNELS. The band describes their signature musical style as “Beatlesesque melodies and three-part vocal harmonies,” and that can be heard in any one one of its tracks.

Gosh Pith

This duo of Josh Smith (vocals, guitar) and Josh Freed (synth, electronic percussion) from Detroit has been making waves across the country with airy guitar, smooth vocals and percussive hip-hop like beats. So far, the group has released two EPs, Gold Chain and Window, with a plan to release their first full-length album this year.

Stef Chura

Having just released her debut album Messes earlier this year, Stef Chura has quickly but not-so-quietly built a name for herself in the indie rock scene. Originally from Alpena, Chura moved to Ypsilanti in 2009 and then Detroit in 2012. After the move, Chura met tons of local musicians, leading her to drummer Ryan Clancy, who she ended up collaborating with on Messes.

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Frontier Ruckus

The most senior group on this list with five full-length albums and three EPs, folk/bluegrass band Frontier Ruckus got its humble beginnings in 2008 when Matthew Milia and David Winston Jones started making music together as high school students at Brother Rice High School in Metro Detroit. Shortly after, bassist Eli Eisman was added to the group. Now, the band is six members strong and just finished their “Western USA” tour.