4 Detroit Coney Islands You May Not Have Heard About

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | September 22, 2017
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Thanks to the ever-lasting rivalry between Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island, metro Detroiters are basically expected to be loyal to one or the other. But, what about coney island restaurants in Detroit that aren’t part of the notorious rivalry? What if you want to expand your coney island horizons? Surely there are other great places to grab a coney dog, killer omelette or chili fries quickly and cheaply. Of course there are! Just check out these four coney island restaurants in Detroit!

Duly’s Place

Located on West Vernor Highway, Duly’s Place is a very casual diner with all the regular coney island dishes, like breakfast around the clock and, of course, coney dogs. The food is delicious and at the prices they’re charging, you’d be stupid not to go back for seconds. The best part? Duly’s Place is open 24/7. The worst part? They only accept cash, but some might say that adds to the charm of the place. Fun fact: Duly’s was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” in 2014.

Onassis Coney Island

If you find yourself in the Corktown neighborhood, maybe checking out classic records at Hello Records or perusing the giant collection of books at John K. King Used & Rare Books, you might want to consider stopping by Onassis Coney Island for a quick bite. Amazing chili that goes well on almost everything (try the chili fries), friendly staff and hearty breakfasts are just a few of the reasons to give Onassis a try.

Zeff’s Coney Island

You can find Zeff’s Coney Island in the neighborhood of Eastern Market, making this a hotspot on weekends. Many patrons make a point to stop into Zeff’s after visiting the market and with great dishes, like the Super Hippy Hash (tons of sauteed veggies on hash browns and topped with feta cheese), it really is no wonder this has become a Detroit mainstay. If you plan to go after a trip to Eastern Market, be wary of wait times and parking availability.

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Legend’s Grill

Since opening its first location on Mt. Elliot and Grand Boulevard in Detroit, Legend’s Grill has opened two other locations, the newest of which can be found on East Jefferson. The menu is stacked with choices, but the two standouts are the Legends Special, which takes the traditional coney dog and kicks it up a notch with spiced ground beef, and the Legends Pounder, a 20-oz(!) burger. If you can finish this monstrosity, you’ll get your picture posted on the Legends Grill “Wall of Famers.”