Engaging Activities to Fuel Friendly Competition

October 26, 2023
friends play kicker table foosball at open space bar -Friendship life style concept with happy millennial having fun together at garden party - Bright warm filter with focus on right guy friends with competitive activites

We all have a bit of a competitive side, and activities with friends and family are a great way to bond while having a good time showing off. A little friendly competition is always nice, and creating lasting memories at the same time can make an experience even better. For your next game night out, consider skipping the board games and trying one of these activities instead. May the best player win!


3901 Christopher Street, Hamtramck

At Fōwling Warehouse, you combine football and bowling for an enormous amount of fun. Players throw a football at ten bowling pins and try to hit as many as they can, and the first team to knock down all the pins wins. This can be played in small groups or can be a fun large group/corporate event. This establishment lets you bring in your own food or have it delivered there and has a great beer selection available as well. 

Whether you're going out on a fishing trip, discovering new hiking spots, or heading out for a weekend of camping, the Trailblazer is an ideal companion for your active lifestyle.


35335 Gratiot Avenue, Clinton Township

Laser tag is a fan-favorite physical game that can be played with groups of all sizes. At Revolution Laser Tag & Arcade, find the trill of chasing competitors around in the darkness, with only blacklights and lasers shining the way. You can pay per game or join in on a 3-hour block of ‘tag till you drag laser tag’. This block is great for those competitions for best out of three, that turn into best out of five, seven, and beyond. 


41550 Grand River Avenue, Novi

19781 15 Mile Road, Clinton Township

Combining the driving of bumper cars with elements of lacrosse, Whirlyball is a fun and physical way of being competitive with your friends. The game is played with two teams and each player has their own bumper car and scoop. Players try to shoot the ball into the opposing team’s “goal” while bumping into each other with the Whirlybug cars throughout the court. It’s a crazy amount of fun! There are also plenty of leagues and tournaments to join if you really enjoy it.


4291 Lapeer Road, Lake Orion

If you are looking for a competition that will determine which of your friends is both athletic and strategic, there are few better games than bocce ball. The rules are simple; players try to throw a ball as close to a target as possible, but it requires both strategy and skill to beat your opponent. Palazzo di Bocce not only offers a great Bocce Ball experience, but they also have some great Italian entrees as well. You can rent a lane for 80 minutes of play and enjoy some fine Italian food for lunch or dinner, or you can even join one of their many leagues or tournaments.

This article has been updated to include new information. The original article was published on November 9, 2016.