4 Great Restaurants for Date Night in Detroit

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | November 11, 2016
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The holidays are fast approaching and if nothing else, the holidays are time for us to surround ourselves with the ones we love. But, when you want to spend a night out with that special someone, where do you go? Detroit is full of places with great atmosphere and food — perfect for your next night out.

The Whitney

As one of the longest-standing buildings in modern Detroit, The Whitney has a long history as a place of residence, medicine and, most recently, a restaurant and bar. Split into multiple venues, The Whitney consists of a fine dining restaurant, The Katherine McGregor Dessert Parlor, The Ghostbar and Gardens. Wine lovers are in for a treat with a 150-label wine cellar and The Ghostbar on the third floor caters to the younger, more casual crowd.

The Rattlesnake Club

If you’re in the mood for a romantic night with a great view of the Detroit Riverfront, The Rattlesnake Club is your destination. Rattlesnake has been in business for more than 25 years, delivering a fine dining experience to metro Detroiters. The menu may get you started with delicious surf-n-turf meals, paired with a fine wine, but don’t forget to end on one of Rattlesnake’s decadent desserts.

Baker’s Keyboard Lounge

Baker’s Keyboard Lounge houses some of the best jazz music around. What was initially a sandwich shop in 1933 quickly morphed into a piano lounge when, a year later, the owners’ son started booking jazz pianists. Since then, Baker’s has transformed into the notable jazz lounge it is today. So, for the one in your life that likes to relax and just listen, allow Baker’s to get the good vibes going.

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Small Plates

Small Plates places its focus on, well, small dishes that can be passed around and shared with those who are important in your life. An atmospheric, communal dining experience where conversation naturally flows is what Small Plates creates for its patrons. Pair any of their dishes with a craft cocktail or something else from the bar and relax as you share your night with your special someone.