4 Reasons You Should Be Shopping Farmers Markets

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | May 3, 2017
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There’s something about spring weather that makes you want to fire up the grill and enjoy some fresh food out on your patio. As you prepare your grocery list this season, you should consider making your first stop at a local farmers market. There are plenty of reasons to visit a metro Detroit farmers market this upcoming season, and we have four of them below.

1) Support local farmers

It’s important to support local farms and make sure they keep providing the area with the best produce around. Since farmers’ markets get much of their produce from local farmers, it helps the local economy and also allows you to have a better idea of where your food is being sourced from.

2) Ensure fresh produce

Sure you could purchase your produce at large grocery stores, but what do you know about it? By shopping at a local farmer’s market you know you’re getting fresh, seasonal produce that hasn’t had to travel hundreds of miles to make it to that market.This is the case with Northwest Detroit Farmers’ Market, which started their 12th season in Detroit back in March, and always guarantees the freshest produce and flowers from local farms.

3) Find stuff other than food

While fresh produce may be the main selling point at a farmers market, there is much more to be seen. Arguably the most popular local farmers market is Eastern Market in Detroit. Open year round, Eastern Market is home to many speciality markets and vendors. You can purchase items such as flowers, baked goods, bread, cheese, and more.

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4) Learn about farming/nutrition/food

Last, but not least, you can learn more about the produce you are purchasing and improve you and your family’s nutrition and diet. Since the products are coming directly from the source, local farmers’ markets know more about their produce than other stores or vendors. Small Ville Learning Farms not only provides metro Detroit with some of the best chemical free produce, they also provide the community with helpful nutritional tips such as “12 Common Herbs to Grow in Your Kitchen.”

Check out the list below for opening dates of some of southeast Michigan’s markets:

Mount Clemens Farmer’s Market – Saturday, May 6

Birmingham Farmer’s Market – Sunday, May 7

Westland Farmer’s Market – Thursday, May 11

Milford Farmer’s Market – Thursday, May 11

Canton Farmer’s Market – Sunday, May 14

Shelby Township Farmer’s Market – Saturday, May 20

Farmington Farmer’s Market – Saturday, May 20

New Baltimore Farmer’s Market – Sunday, June 2

Wyandotte Farmer’s Market – Thursday, June 8