4 Ways to Relax in the D on National Relaxation Day

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | August 15, 2016
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Today is National Relaxation Day, but you were, ironically, probably too busy stressing about getting to work on time and what you want to check off your “to do” list by the end of the day to notice. While it’s unfortunate that this joyous day has fallen on a Monday this year, there are still ways you can relax possibly on your lunch break or after your “to do” list becomes your “completed” list.

Campus Martius Park

Located in the heart of downtown Detroit, Campus Martius Park is home to plenty of city-life activities, including concerts, places to eat or just a place to take in the city and its people. But, how can you relax in the heart of a bustling metropolis? Depending on the person, exercise might be your favorite stress reliever/relaxation technique. Campus Martius has daily sports activities, like half-court basketball challenges and Monday night volleyball, hosted by the Quicken Loans Sports Zone. If exercise isn’t your way of winding down, take in a concert from Detroit-local artist Laura Mendoza from noon till 2 p.m. today, August 15. For more on what you can do at Campus Martius Park, click here.

Detroit RiverWalk

Thanks to the Detroit waterfront transformation project, the Detroit RiverWalk has become a bustling stretch of attractions and outdoor activities for all ages. Grab your bike (or rent one from a nearby shop) and tour the RiverWalk on two wheels. If a little education is what helps you relax and unwind, the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy holds tours of the GM Renaissance Center every Monday (today!) at 12 and 2 p.m. The tour is free and works on a first-come basis.

Local Coffee Shops

For many of us, Starbucks and Bigby may be our go-to coffee shop because we know what we like and we don’t like change. But, for those of us willing to step out of our comfort zone and into a great, independent coffee shop, look no further than the D. The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company is one of the first coffee shops in Detroit that comes to a Detroiter’s mind when they think of landmark coffee shops in the city. Plus, they don’t just serve coffee, but also have a great selection of wine. What better way to relax than a glass (or two) of your favorite red wine. Astro Coffee is another notable stop on the Detroit coffee tour. Astro’s selection of baked goods makes a visit to this Corktown coffee shop worth the trip. Anthology Coffee, located west of downtown Detroit and east of Mexicantown, isn’t just a place to sip your flat white and read a book. Classes are offered for those looking to go the extra coffee mile and learn a bit about how to get the best coffee drip and more.

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Belle Isle Park

Relax and take in a little bit of nature in the city of Detroit by visiting Belle Isle Park. The park is home to the Belle Isle Aquarium, Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, Dossin Great Lakes Museum and more. Belle Isle Park has plenty of things to do, but sometimes just going for a walk in the park is the perfect way to relax and literally smell the flowers.