Eccentric Burger Finds In Metro Detroit

March 19, 2024
burgers with egg, and more

Metro Detroit offers a unique playground for burger aficionados searching for something beyond the ordinary. From towering stacks to innovative ingredients, the area’s burger scene is as eclectic as its history. We’ve delved into unpredictable burger masterpieces, highlighting establishments that are pushing the boundaries of what a burger can be. Join us as we explore eccentric burgers in Metro Detroit, featuring some unique creations…


569 Main Street, Belleville

Family-owned and operated, Rusted Crow on the Lake is a gem with views of Belleville Lake. One eccentric burger available is the PB & J. This 1/2 lb. beef patty is topped with a fig marmalade, peanut butter vinaigrette, Brussels sprouts, and melted brie cheese. The peanut butter Brussels sprouts combination is so popular that it can even be ordered as a side dish to accompany any burger or bite you choose. Whether it’s a unique sauce and an unconventional topping or something more traditional, Rusted Crow on the Lake ensures each burger is a masterpiece of flavor and creativity.

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8451 Harper Avenue, Detroit 

Food Exchange Restaurant has made its name as a Detroit-local restaurant serving “Fabulous Food… Not Fast Food.” Food Exchange, under the stewardship of Kesha Sawyer, continues the legacy of Bruce “Big Baby” Harvey with a focus on hearty, home-cooked style burgers in a quick-service setting. The menu sports the usual suspects of American eateries, like burgers, salads, sandwiches, and more, but certain burgers are especially noteworthy. Kesha shares, “The Food Exchange Restaurant was established in 1999 by the now-deceased Bruce ‘Big Baby’ Harvey. His legacy, after his passing in January 2023, has continued with myself, his wife, and his youngest daughter. Our burgers, crafted from fresh, never-frozen beef that’s hand-formed daily, are renowned for their substantial size and rich taste.” The signature Big Baby Burger, a testament to Bruce’s vision, is a culinary marvel featuring a 10-ounce patty, slow-cooked corned beef, and a blend of Swiss and American cheeses, among other classic toppings. Another stand-out option is the Big Harvey, with a hamburger patty topped with sliced steak, bacon, cheeses, and your traditional toppings. The menu also includes turkey, lamb, and impossible burgers, catering to a diverse array of tastes and preferences.

big baby burger from food exchange
Photo courtesy of Food Exchange Restaurant


2638 Orleans Street, Detroit

Cutter’s, located inside Eastern Market, offers popular American cuisine that includes burgers of all kinds, all of which are hand pattied. The burgers on Cutter’s menu that will set itself apart from the typical fare are the stuffed burgers. One is stuffed with blue cheese and olives and another is stuffed with cheddar cheese and served with a fried egg on top, aptly named Cutter’s Hang-over Stuffed Burger. The traditional burgers are not something you’d want to skip either, with options of up to 2-pound burgers with classic toppings available. Pair your burger with the fried dill pickle spear, catfish bites, or one of the loaded potatoes for a delicious meal.


1326 Brush Street, Detroit

42452 Ford Road, Canton

33316 Grand River Avenue, Farmington

Basement Burger Bar offers a personalized burger experience that puts the power of choice in the hands of the diner. Bridget, the Marketing Manager, explains, “Burgers made to order, the way you want it, the way you like it. Build your own burger concept with many options to choose from, including vegan options.” This approach not only ensures that each burger is tailored to individual tastes but also highlights the commitment to innovation in the burger domain. Beyond the customizable options, some of the featured burgers need to be highlighted as well. The Junk Burger is loaded with chipotle mayo, garlic mayo, and smoked BBQ ketchup topped with bacon, caramelized onions, a mozzarella stick, fickle, crispy onion straws, and cheddar cheese sauce. Drew’s Peanut Butter Bacon Burger also should be noted, as it is topped with peanut butter, bacon, cheddar, onion straws, lettuce, pickle, and Drew’s homemade sweet and spicy sauce. 

junk burger from basement burger bar
Photo courtesy of Basement Burger Bar


Multiple locations in Metro Detroit

Taystee’s Burgers is where creativity meets the classics, crafting a menu that’s both familiar and thrilling. It all started 10 years ago, with the first location inside a Dearborn gas station. With halal versions of the traditional burger and hand-cut fries, Taystee’s Burgers has become a Metro Detroit must-try. The Pizza Burger stands out, with pizza sauce, mozzarella sticks, Swiss cheese, and ranch on a pretzel bun. The Mac Attack also deserves some attention, as this burger has mac and cheese bites, coleslaw, tomato, and Taystee’s spicy mayo. The Taystee Volcano ups the heat as a burger with jalapeños, jalapeño poppers, pepper jack cheese, nacho cheese, and spicy mayo among the lettuce, tomato, and bacon. You really have to try them for yourself. 


4163 Cass Avenue, Detroit 

Royale with Cheese pays homage to pop culture with a twist on traditional burger fare, offering a menu that’s as playful as it is delicious. Its burgers, inspired by the cinematic classic it’s named after, are a work of art. Havana gives off breakfast vibes, with turkey bacon, a fried egg, fries, cheese fondue, and chipotle ketchup, while Kruncher brings some heat with jalapeño Kruncher chips, roasted pepper chili queso, southwestern roasted corn, and cajun aioli. The Mia Wallace is topped with mesquite BBQ chips, fire-roasted poblanos and corn, house-smoked candied turkey bacon, and honey-ancho BBQ aioli, and Beirut features coleslaw, fries, Nablus pickles, tomatoes, and cheese fondue. Pair any of these with the nacho cheese ravioli or fried mac and cheese and enjoy everything Royale with Cheese has to offer.

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