5 Reasons to Stay Up Late and Grub in the D

By: Karen Dybis | December 12, 2018
diner restaurant

Late night food is the best. But what places are open in Metro Detroit to midnight or later? I’m glad you asked because there is a variety for every food craving you may be having. There are quaint cozy places with fireplaces and perfect carryout spots for your late night run. So whether you are working late, studying for a final exam or just hungry in the middle of the night, try out these 5 late night spots you can dine in, in the D.   

Irish Coffee
A cute and quaint place nestled between a storefront area. Here is the best Irish dive bar in the Grosse Pointe area to get a ground round ⅓ pound burger and a $5.00 cold brew. Customers know this iconic spot as it has earned its stripes having been around for over 30 years. They stay open until 2 a.m. and while you’re visiting be sure to check out the famous pictures of sports figures hanging behind the bar.  

24 Hours
After a night of partying and bar hopping this neighborhood staple, Fleetwood Diner is the place to be. A personal favorite of mine, this is place is a dive that is authentic in nature. From the smell of the corned beef or bacon sizzling on the grill, to the homey vibes when you walk in the door, you know the food will be good. Can’t sleep? Visit Fleet’s! Oh, and try the Meaty Hippie Hash. You’ll thank me.

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Pizza House
10:30am- 4am
Gourmet Pizza! Yes, Gourmet pizza that you can get until 4 a.m.! The Pizza House is the ultimate late night pizza joint.  This place is upscale enough for a date night or special occasion and low key enough to throw on your sneakers and grab a pie to go. There are also 32 beers on tap here, so get cozy and grab a slice and a brew. If you aren’t feeling pizza, they have an extensive menu of other delicious things, for example, the artichoke spinach dip.

24 Hours
This neighborhood staple has been around for over 50 years. It is the original slider joint in the D. The greasy spoon is open 24 hours for the late night cravings. Burgers are made fresh to order on the flat top with added onions. After you taste them you will deem Elmers the creator of sliders!

American Coney Island
24 Hours
The old faithful. The only place to get a good coney dog in the D, other than Omega’s (located on the corner of Chicago and Greenfield.) So grab a dog with chili, onions and grab a cold beer. The same guy who works the hot dog station piles your dog high with mustard, onions and chili. The best reason to visit this late-night joint other some chili fries and a dog. There are other options like chicken wings, but get a coney dog and you won’t be disappointed.