5 Ways to Eat, Drink & Be Scary in the D

By: Karen Dybis | October 10, 2018
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Come close. Closer. Closer! Hear these bone chilling ghost stories from local bars around town. There have been numerous apparitions seen and heard roaming around Detroit. So be afraid, be very afraid or better yet, have a drink to build your liquid courage. Maybe you’ll see something unusual and have a story to tell yourself. In the meantime read these 5 creepy nail biting ghost stories in the D.

Leland Hotel Bar
Picture it: 1972, The Leland Hotel Bar was opening for the first time near downtown Detroit off of Bagley street. Celebrity sightings and grand parties brought the place to life.  But there were some other forms of life or lack there of haunting the halls of the fourth floor. Guests and workers have both given detailed descriptions of loud laughing and music coming from nowhere. Visitors can have a drink with the “white lady of the basement” in the Labyrinth Bar, if they don’t mind the extra company.

Majestic Theater
The Majestic Theater is a perfect place to catch a great performance or maybe even a disappearing act. Legend has it that Harry Houdini, the greatest magician to ever live appears and reappears to visitors especially around  Halloween as he passed on that day. This is the last stage he performed on before passing at Sinai Grace Hospital. Visitors of the Majestic have made claims of hearing faint applause, a man yelling and creepy footsteps coming from the bar area.  So if you dare, catch an upcoming spine-tingling show, but beware of multiple shows happening at once.

Nancy Whisky
Before becoming Nancy Whisky here stood a family owned drugstore, but now it’s a hot bar in Corktown. It is hot with not just friendly bar goers but also friendly ghosts. Jimmy Hoffa, Detroit’s own gangster used the old phone booth and may be popping in to see what’s going on. Or the original family that owned the drug store may be still visiting regulars. So stop by and grab a drink, as it is one of the oldest bars to hold a liquor license in town. Maybe a you’ll get a visitor.

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The Whitney Ghost Bar
The name speaks for it itself. The Ghost Bar at the Whitney is named after all of it’s legendary ghost stories.  Mr. Whitney Jr. and his wife passed away on the property. Visitors say that they have been witnessing sightings since the 1980’s on all three floors.  Visitors have reported dishes clashing, a man wearing a tuxedo and more. But this isn’t all hearsay as official paranormal research has come in to record and verify the paranormal activity. Today The Ghost Bar is a perfect haunted place to have a upscale drink or two.

Cadieux Cafe
Feather bowling isn’t the only thing causing goosebumps at this cafe. Is it the chilly air from a shadowy visitor? The owner’s mother Yvonne Devos who used to be the matron of the cafe has been spotted sitting at the bar and table with the same dress on. Her husband Robert has been spotted in the basement.  Since the cafe has been around since 1962 patrons describe objects moving on their own and even spotting Robert coming through the front door. Stop in for a bite and make it a memorable evening.

Remember to drink responsibly and plan ahead with a designated driver or take advantage of one of these local designated driving services.