6 Michigan Winter Brews to Tap Into This Season

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | November 30, 2016
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With the winter season here, what better time to check out what new beers our local breweries have on tap? Michigan and metro Detroit have no shortage of craft breweries and, like any good brewery, a new season means a new seasonal beer. From downtown Detroit to downtown Ann Arbor, let’s look at some of southeast Michigan’s winter beer favorites.

Chestnut Head from Roak Brewing Co.

A 6.8% porter made with roasted chestnuts and maple syrup from Michigan forests is what you have to look forward to at Roak Brewing Co. in Royal Oak. At 34 IBUs, this winter brew is not altogether too bitter and has a sweet maple taste.

Winter Bock from Atwater Brewery

Thanks to an extended aging process, this 7% brew isn’t as sharp and acidic in texture and flavor that is typical of many strong ales, such as this one.  A malty, roasted flavor will put you in the spirit of the holiday season.

Winter White Ale from Bell’s Brewery

If winter snowfall puts you in the mood for a wheat ale, look no further than Bell’s Winter White Ale. This 5% brew is fermented with a Belgian ale yeast and, without the use of spices, manages to deliver clove and fruity aromas thanks to a mixture of barley and wheat malts.

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Nut Brown from Arcadia Ales

With hints of chocolate, raisins, dates and almonds, this English-style brown ale is brewed with six different varieties of malted barley. It might have a sweet flavor profile, but that won’t hide the slight hop bitterness and aroma.

Sage Advice from Draught Horse Brewery

This 6.5% holiday brew from Draught Horse Brewery in New Hudson combines a malty body with a sage finish. It’s not especially bitter, either, at 23 IBUs, but actually delivers a slightly sweet flavor to your taste buds.

Cabin Fever from New Holland Brewing

Using wheat, rye, munich and chocolate grains along with American ale yeast and brewers gold and nugget hops, this brown ale pairs well with roasted meats, dried fruits, gruyere and smoked cheese.

Make sure you stock up on these brews at your local market for the next time you find yourself stuck indoors thanks to Michigan winter weather. If you’re out and about in the mitten braving the cold, stop in to the breweries mentioned above and try one out on tap. As always, be sure to drink responsibly and arrange for a safe ride home.