A Filling Treat: Pierogi in Metro Detroit

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | January 9, 2019
Pierogi Metro Detroit

The origin of pierogi is a contentious one. One belief is that pierogi were introduced to Polish people by Saint Hyacinth of Poland. Others say the dumpling originated in China and was brought to Italy by way of Marco Polo. However pierogi came to be, one thing we can all agree on is their delicious quality. Find out below where you can get your fix of this authentic dish in Metro Detroit.

People’s Pierogi Collective

As the name suggests, People’s Pierogi Collective does one thing and does it very well. Located in Eastern Market, PPC has a variety of pierogi flavors available, such as a traditional potato and farmer’s cheese pierogi to more “funky” flavors, like “Detroit Coney Dog.” You can shop their store at Eastern Market on Saturdays from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Jennie’s Pierogies

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With locations in Warren, Garden City and Southgate, Jennie’s Pierogies is currently run by Jennie’s own daughters, Mary and Terry. The inherited recipe is still used today and dates back to “old world Poland.” You can order pre-boiled pierogi, fresh or frozen, by the half or full dozen. Flavors include sauerkraut, potato & cottage cheese, cherry, plum and sweet potato. They also sell soup, kielbasa and more.

Lila’s Pierogi

Lila’s Pierogi was founded in 2004 by Polish immigrant Waleria “Lila” Orlowska. Using ingredients free from mono and diglycerides, soy, canola, hydrogenated oils and MSG, Lila’s Pierogi in Livonia makes all of its pierogi from scratch and offers 25 different flavors. That includes potato & jalapeno, mushroom with portabella & mozzarella, apple, plum and blueberry.

Sabina’s Polish Restaurant

If you’re looking to dine in and order more than just a few pierogi, Sabina’s Polish Restaurant is a quaint, little diner in Melvindale making authentic Polish meals five days a week. For lunch, try the three potato pierogi deal, which comes with a cup of soup or a cucumber salad and your choice of stuffed cabbage, two meatballs, city chicken or kielbasa. The dinner combination plate comes with two potato pierogi, golambek, two meatballs and smoked or fresh kielbasa.


Located in Hamtramck, Srodek’s is an authentic Polish delicatessen filled with sausage, kielbasa and, of course, pierogi. If you can’t stop into their store, use their online shopping tool to have your Polish favorites shipped to your house.