Add Some Flavor with These 5 Flowers in the D

By: Karen Dybis | October 24, 2018
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Even though technically flower season is gone until next year,  that does not mean that it’s over completely. You can grab a pot place it in the window and grow flowers all year around. With some good soil and sunlight you will have tasty flavorful flowers ready for the some of your favorite recipes throughout the fall. Check out 5 of the best flavorful flowers in the metro area and where to get them from.

Lavender helps to offer aromas, interesting dishes and health benefits. You can even make delicious sauces and marinades with lavender and have the whole house smelling like spring. Baking some lavender muffins to have with your morning coffee for the perfect combination to get your day started. You can stop by Parasols & Lavender: The Detroit Tarot Company to grab a bushel.

With it being chilly weather, you may be looking for ways to warm up your meals. Chrysanthemums is the way to go. This flower is spicy and will give a kick to any dish.  You can also grow this flower inside and just make sure your potted soil is well drained for optimal growth. Whip up a pot of chili and sprinkle some Chrysanthemums on top. This plant is pungent so a little dab will do you. Visit Detroit and grab autumn bouquet.

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You can add Borage to your salad! Borage is a beautiful, pink, star-shaped flower with blue and violent depending on the time of year. Swing by Bob Farr’s Florist and grab an orchid bubble bowl that includes borage. The flavor is similar to a cucumber and so is the consistency. This plant can be grown indoors in a pot in your window to get direct sunlight. You can also freeze the petals and put them in your water or lemonade.  

Want to add a little zing to your dish? Daylilies can be sweet and have floral undertones that are perfect for Asian dishes and salad. You want to grow this particular flower in organic soil for the best results and depending on the variety of flower you can get metallic and floral tastes mixed together. Eckert’s Greenhouse & Perennials has Detroit Daylilies located in Sterling Heights.

All roses are very flavorful and can have ginger undertones. Luckily, it’s jam season and roses make the perfect jam. Taste the petals beforehand because you don’t want it to be to sweet. Florist of Detroit has all your rose needs. If you want to grow them at home, remember that a lot of sun and just a little shade is needed.