Ann Arbor’s Best Kept Secret

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | July 18, 2012
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Listen closely because I am going to tell you about one of Ann Arbor’s best kept secrets… a little place called Dominick’s.

Dominick’s is one of the classic Ann Arbor haunts. Beloved by students, faculty and Ann Arborites alike, the place is a landmark.

Since 1960, people young and old have flocked to the restaurant as soon as it opens for the season.  Dominick’s shuts down for the winter every year after the last Michigan football game and re-opens its doors the first Monday following U of M’s spring break.

In my opinion this is all you need to know about Dominick’s…  They have the coolest patio in Ann Arbor.  They have the best Sangria in Ann Arbor.  Plus, they have a great variety of food items, from hearty pasta dishes to lighter fare like chips and guac. The menu offers a lot of vegetarian and vegan options and is relatively healthy to boot. Simply put, Dominick’s is one of the best places to go in Ann Arbor.

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To the casual passerby, you’d never suspect to find the lively oasis in back.  Water fountains, funky artwork, greenery and picnic table seating in the backyard beer garden provide one of the most laid back and relaxing atmospheres you could ask for.  The second floor porch seating offers more of the same mellow mood.

Along with the beer garden, Dominick’s signature Sangria is their other claim to fame. Served in ½ pint, pint, quart and ½ gallon portions, you can have as little or as much fun at Dominick’s that you want.  Along with the to-die-for Sangria, another signature drink, the Constant Buzz, will knock your socks off too.  Owner, Richard Devarti (Dominick’s son), describes the Buzz as a strawberry-colada smoothie with Long Island liquors.  The drink is blended and sold by the pitcher and let me tell you – it is good!

The 2012 season at Dominick’s is already well under way so get to Ann Arbor and see why it’s the favorite local watering hole.  There is a quart of Sangria with your name on it, please drink responsibly.

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