Beer Money: Michigan-Made Summer Ales

By: Toni Cunningham | July 8, 2013
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For many, summer entails lounging on a porch or patio on a warm summer’s night with a cold beverage in hand. More often than not, said beverage is an ice-cold craft beer.

You can pick up a generic six-pack any ‘ol day of the year, while some of the best craft beers churned out in Metro D are only available seasonally—thus, it is your civic duty to consume them while you can.

Here is a list of local breweries, along with their summer offerings. Hurry, before they’re gone!

Jolly Pumpkin Brewery, 311 S. Main St., Ann Arbor

Silverado by lighthouse

Discover new horizons with the confidence of the Chevy Silverado, from busy streets to scenic views.

  • Luciernaga “The Firefly” is a pale ale released in June
  • Weizen Bam Biere is a golden, yeast-y beer available all summer long, with notes of banana, spicy clove and nutmeg

Bell’s Brewery, 8938 Krum Ave., Galesburg

  • Oberon is a wheat ale with a fruity essence. It’s available all summer, and I highly recommend making beer cupcakes with this one
  • The Oracle DIPA Ale is a double IPA with notes of citrus. It’s a late summer release, available by the bottle and (limited!) draft

Atwater Brewery, 237 Joseph Campau St., Detroit

  • Summer Time Ale is a wheat beer with lemon and citrus
  • Traverse City Cherry Wheat is a refreshing, fruity summer beer

Motor City Brewing Works, 470 W. Canfield St., Detroit

  • Summer Brew is an orange, wheat beer with the slightest bit of citrus; available through September

Woodward Avenue Brewers, 22626 Woodward Ave., Ferndale

  • Hefty-Weizen is a summer ale made with Michigan wheat, malt and honey, as well as hints of banana and clove

Grizzly Peak Brewing Company, 120 W. Washington St., Ann Arbor

  • El Hefe, a German wheat beer, has notes of honey, banana and clove

Arbor Brewing Company, 114 E. Washington St., Ann Arbor

  • Bear Up a Tree is an Arbor Brewing Company/Grizzly Peak Brewing Company collaboration beer brewed with honey malt
  • Festival Saison is brewed with pink peppercorns; available through August
  • Hop Town Brown is for you IPA lovers out there; available July through September
  • Mackinac Island Fudge Stout is made with real fudge, so I need not say more; available until August
  • Strawberry Blonde is spicy, citrusy and fruity without being overbearing; available until August

Liberty Street Brewing Company, 149 W. Liberty St., Plymouth

  • Clementine Lemon Thyme (say that three times fast) is a wheat beer with notes of thyme and citrus; available until August

Short’s Brewing Company, 121 N. Bridge St., Bellaire

  • Nicie Spicie is “crisp and refreshing,” a wheat ale with citrus, coriander and a blend of peppercorns
  • Spruce Pilsner is brewed with blue spruce tips, hand-picked in northern Michigan!
  • MMMKay, an India Pale Lager, will be available in early July
  • Strawberry Short’s Cake is crafted with strawberries and milk sugar; available late July
  • Cerveza de Julie is a Mexican lager with lime; available in early August
  • Peaches & Crème is a golden ale made with peaches and milk sugar; available mid August

Whether you enjoy your beer out on the town or in the form of a six-pack at home, be sure to drink responsibly!