Best Cheap Bites in Metro Detroit

By: Aaron B. Cohen | April 29, 2021
Coney dogs from Duly's Place

Coney dogs from Duly's Place in Detroit.

In a city that hosts some of the nation’s most elite culinary destinations, locals rejoice in knowing that along with extensive fine dining options, cheap bites are to be found nearly everywhere you look. In Metro Detroit, you don’t have to break the bank to experience phenomenal-tasting dishes. Here are a few spots to consider next time you’re looking for a great meal with great value.

Coneys at Duly’s Place

For more than 100 years, Duly’s Place has served up legendary coneys to the residents of Southwest Detroit. Located along the historic Vernor Highway, the restaurant specializes in the local art of chili, mustard and onion. Cash only here, but with the mind-blowingly low price of $1.85 per dog, you can cover the cost of your meal with the spare change in your cup holder. 

Hani at National Coney Island

Continuing on the coney theme (this is Detroit, after all), National Coney Island’s Hani sandwich combines a diner favorite with local preparation. Fried chicken tenders wrapped in specialty, house-made pita and topped with American, Swiss, diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce and mayo. Simple? Yes. Delicious? Quite. There’s a reason the Detroit Metropolitan Airport location has a line stretching the length of two gates on any given day. Best part of all? You can fill up for only $6.99.

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Tania’s Stuffed Pizza

Detroiters know a thing or two about pizza. But what about stuffed pizza? At Tania’s, basic pizza knowledge is flipped upside-down – literally – by way of their famous stuffed slices. It’s kind of like a calzone but stays true to the triangular nature of the classic slice. Flakey, almost pastry-like crust envelopes gooey cheese and fresh sauce in this totally unique take on America’s favorite party food. While most local pizza joints stick to whole pies, Tania’s offers individual slices for the extraordinarily reasonable price of $2.25. If you can handle more, they’ll give you three for $6.00. Don’t sleep on this local hidden gem.

Chicken Shawarma at Bucharest Grill

With numerous locations throughout the Metro area, including the newest addition along Woodward Avenue in Royal Oak, Bucharest Grill specializes in Middle-Eastern street food. Their chicken shawarma sandwich, loaded with grilled chicken, pickle, tomato and garlic spread will fill you up for hours and ring up under $7. If you’re craving something quintessentially Detroit, Bucharest is your spot.

La Pupuseria Y Restaurante El Salvadoreno

Amongst the dozens of Mexican restaurants dispersed throughout Southwest Detroit, La Pupuseria Y Restaurante El Salvadoreno offers the spectacular cuisine of another Spanish-speaking country – El Salvador. The pupusas – essentially griddled corn cakes – come stuffed with options ranging from chicken to fish to traditional beans and cheese. No matter which ingredients you choose, you’ll never pay more than $3 for one of these mind-blowing hand-helds.