Bloody Marys Are the Superstars at These Metro Detroit Brunch Spots

By: Karen Dybis | May 24, 2021
Bloody Mary

Photo Courtesy of Vivio's.

Metro Detroiters are big brunch fans, and there are few drinks other than the mimosa that mean brunch-time refreshment like a Bloody Mary. These spicy, personality-filled drinks that mix tomato juice with vodka and a plethora of other ingredients are right for any special occasion – or that you got up early enough to meet your friends at a local restaurant. 

The basic Bloody Mary is hardly bland – it takes the tanginess of tomato and a bartender brings in his or her favorite Vodka as a starting point. From there, you can go up a few levels to Bloody Mary nirvana with lots of add-on ingredients from spices and seasonings to lemon juice or hot sauce. Top it with a skewer full of salty bacon or anything else calling to you on a Sunday morning, and you’ve got a drink that is a feast for the eyes and mouth. 

It is hard to say where the Bloody Mary was created, but Eater claims that it has a history based somewhere in Paris. Supposedly, a bartender was playing around with Vodka and came up with the recipe. He bought it overseas to New York, where a local bar was serving the drink to locals. The drink has had a couple of different names since then, but the term “Bloody Mary” has stuck around for decades in the past and likely decades to come. 

If you’re looking to try a Bloody Mary for brunch or just to see what all of the hoopla is about, these are some Metro Detroit bars and eateries that have put a lot of love and effort in their recipes for the classic adult beverage for you to consume responsibly. 

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Vivio’s Detroit Eastern Market

They brag about being voted the “Best Bloody Mary” year after year. There’s a good reason – there’s an entire Bloody Mary Menu here. They call it the “Big D,” which is VIvio’s Famous 32-oince Bloody Mary, made with Gypsy Vodka and a skewer that features thick-cut bacon, crisp lettuce, spicy asparagus spears, chunk provolone, sausage stick, pickle spear, a hard-boiled egg and an eight-ounce beer chaser.


Mike’s on the Water

This St. Clair Shores favorite along the Nautical Mile on Nine Mile is a foodie as well as a boater’s paradise. Great food is the draw but people come back time and again for its well-poured drinks. Its Bloody Mary is simple and clean, and you can enjoy it in the scenic waterfront restaurant, which has both indoor and outdoor bar options. 

Bobcat Bonnie’s

Ask anyone near Detroit and Ferndale for a Bloody Mary recommendation and they’ll send you to Bobcat Bonnie’s for sure. This Corktown neighborhood gastropub is known for one of the best brunch cocktails around. The Bloody Mary is a build-your-own adventure with regular or spicy. You also get a packed skewer with meat and cheese or you can go with a veggie option.

Dime Store

There’s a reason why so many people include Dime Store on their lists for brunch awesomeness. The food is consistently top quality and its Bloody Mary’s features Vivio’s, vodka, and a McClure’s Pickle. You can get it by the glass or by the pitcher. If you have a group with you that enjoys a well-made drink, then try the pitcher for sure.  

Bronx Bar

Midtown’s favorite dive bar is known for several things, including that it has the best jukebox in the city and that it has a quality Bloody Mary. Make sure you order a large meal of a hamburger and more so that you have tip to sip and savor the big spicy flavors that it puts together in its tomato-based cocktail classic.

Remember to drink responsibly and plan ahead with a designated driver or take advantage of one of these local designated driving services.