7 Southeast Michigan Breweries by County

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | July 8, 2016
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There’s a lot to love about the state of Michigan. Seasonal weather changes (four times a day), The Great Lakes and the birthplace of the American automotive industry are just a few. But, the greatest thing about Michigan might be the amount of craft breweries in this state alone.

In the D covers, well, the metro Detroit area, and you can bet we have our eye on craft breweries across this region. So, here are a few breweries worth checking out from each country in metro Detroit!

Tilted Axis Brewing Company (Lapeer)

A brewery that is coming up on its first anniversary, Tilted Axis Brewing Company in Lapeer gets its name from the fact that our planet has a tilted axis of 23.5 degrees — thus, Titled Axis’ slogan, “23.5 Degrees from Ordinary!” Tilted Axis has 11 different brews available, like Pure Michigan, an IPA made only with ingredients right from Michigan.

Eternity Brewing (Livingston)

Located in Howell, Eternity Brewing was founded by Dayna and Mike Tran, a pair of mechanical engineers who graduated from the University of Michigan. Dayna and Mike have had an interest in craft beers (even brewing their own) ever since they made a trip across the state to visit many of Michigan’s own breweries. Dayna eventually quit her engineering job to be an assistant brewer at Witch’s Hat Brewing in South Lyon. Now, the two of them run Eternity Brewing together.

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Brooks Brewing (Macomb)

Taking its name from the family that runs the place, Brooks Brewing was started by Cary Brooks Jr. in 2011 and now includes his father and other members of his family. This brewery prides itself on being a brewery and taproom first. Brooks Brewing does not serve its own food, but food trucks can be commonly found there on Fridays and Saturdays. The best part? All beers and wines are a flat $6 each.

Griffin Claw Brewing Co. (Oakland)

Sporting nine gold, six silver and four bronze medals for its craft beer, Griffin Claw Brewing Co. in Birmingham houses brewmaster Dan Rogers, who has been brewing craft beer for decades. Rogers founded his first brewery in 1992 and continues to learn and evolve his craft at Griffin Claw Brewing Co. today.

Baffin Brewing Co. (St. Clair)

Baffin Brewing Co. was started by two friends in their college apartment in 2009. Joe Dowd and Evan Feringa used their kitchen cabinets to suspend bags of grains and hops into their kettles. Now, the duo runs their own tap room in St. Clair Shores, serving fresh brews daily.

Blue Tractor BBQ & Brewery (Washtenaw)

With a location in Traverse City, Blue Tractor BBQ & Brewery also has a location in Ann Arbor. Currently on tap you can find Bearded Pig, a light-bodied American Cream Ale; Pitmaster Porter, a sweet, malty, dark ale; Smokehouse Amber, a medium-bodied ale; and more. Oh, and don’t get me started on their BBQ dinners.

Detroit Beer Co. (Wayne)

This fine establishment is located in the first two floors of the historic Hartz Building on Broadway St. in downtown Detroit. Detroit Beer Co. has been around since 2003 and is always pouring 7-9 house brews, rotating different brews in and out on a daily basis. The rotating line of beers on tap means you’ll have something new to taste every day at Detroit Beer Co.