Juicy, Marinated Meals: Broasted Chicken in the D

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | December 21, 2015
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The holiday season brings a lot of ham and turkey to our dinner tables, but let’s not forget about chicken. Today we will focus on broasted chicken because, well, it is delicious. If you need something easy to put out for a holiday party, or are just looking for a quick meal, broasted chicken could be ideal.


This Southfield barbecue joint has an expansive menu. The broasted chicken is offered in individual pieces, half broasted, whole broasted or whole broasted for two. Both white meat and dark meat are available, as well as all-white meat broasted chicken for a slightly extra cost. You can also have pieces dipped in barbecue sauce for an extra $0.60!

Big Joe’s Chicken, Ribs & Seafood

The independently-owned carryout restaurant is located in Shelby Township. Taking a look at the menu, it is easy to tell that Joe’s does broasted chicken well. Broasted chicken snack (two pieces), dinner (four pieces) or even a 24-piece bucket dinner are all options. Dinners are served with broasted potatoes, cole slaw and a dinner roll. Joe’s also caters.

Brass Pointe

Brass Pointe is a family-owned and operated restaurant in Farmington Hills. According to the menu, the broasted chicken is marinated and lightly dusted in flour, offering a unique taste. Half broasted chicken, whole broasted chicken for two, Brass Pointe broasted wings and more are all options. Also, nearly the entire menu is available for carryout.

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The next time you have a hankering for some juicy broasted chicken, look no further than this article. Or, perhaps you already have your favorite chicken spot in mind. Either way, bon appétit.