Brush Up on Your Vino Education at the Detroit Wine School

By: Toni Cunningham | January 22, 2014
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If you’ve ever ordered a bottle of wine at a restaurant, you’re aware of the awkward ritual you must go through with the waiter or waitress before they hand it over. First, you have to check the label to make sure they brought the correct bottle, then examine the cork, and then sample the wine. I’m a little too impatient for this whole process (I’m also more partial to beer and liquor), but from what I hear, wine connoisseurs dig it.

Then there’s the issue of deciphering which type of wine to order in the first place. Apparently there are guidelines about pairing white wine with certain foods and red with others, but I’m not very fond of rules. If, like me, you could use some brushing up on your wine education, you’re in luck.

The Detroit Wine School, located at 71 Garfield St., Detroit, opens in Midtown this Saturday, January 25, and provides educational classes, various events and consulting services to Metro Detroiters thirsty for both wine and knowledge.

After completing undergrad and receiving a bachelor’s degree, I swore I was done with schooling and would never return. However, if enlightening myself in the wine department counts, I just may change my mind.

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Classes are tailored to all levels, so whether you’re a sommelier or the extent of your wine knowledge is that it’s served in a stemmed glass, you’ll fit right in. There are no prerequisites, so you aren’t limited when it comes to signing up for a class, either. The following are offered as individual classes:

  • Wine Basics: The Beginner’s Guide ($50)
  • Beyond the Basics: A Sense of Place ($50)
  • Blind Tasting: Upping the Ante ($50)
  • Food & Wine Pairings: Secrets to Success ($50)
  • Food and Wine Pairings: The Marriage of Cheese and Wine ($65)
  • Super Bowl Special: Food & Wine ($50)
  • Aphrodisiacs: Food & Wine ($65)
  • Varietals 101: The Noble 6 ($50)
  • Varietals 102: The Aristocrats ($65)
  • Old World vs. New World ($65)The Romance: Pinot Noir ($75)
  • Tiny Bubbles ($65)
  • Big Reds ($65)
  • Washington Wines ($65)
  • Michigan vs. the World ($65)
  • France: Intro to Bordeaux ($75)
  • France: Intro to Burgundy ($75)
  • France: Into to the Rhone Valley ($75)
  • France: Intro to Champagne ($75)
  • Italy: Intro to Tuscany ($75)
  • Italy: Intro to Piedmont ($75)
  • Italy: Intro to Sicily ($75)
  • Intro to South America ($65)

All class instructors and staff members are certified professionals from accredited wine programs, so you’ll be taught by the best of the best. Also, the programs were developed specifically for the Detroit Wine School, so you won’t learn this stuff anywhere else!

If you’re looking for something a little more in depth, there are several multi-class series, including Fundamentals of Wine (four-part series for $275/person), Great Wine Countries of the World (six-part series, $375/person), Wines of Italy (three-part series for $175), and Wines of Spain (two-part series for $125).

Beginning in February, special monthly events will be held, including wine dinners, themed tastings, a “Girlfriends and Grapes” GNO and more. Corporate events, private events and consulting services are also available through the Detroit Wine School.

They say a glass of red wine a day is good for your heart, and there’s nothing like furthering one’s education. Why not combine the two at the Detroit Wine School?