Buttery Lobster, Succulent Steak: Local Surf & Turf Options

By: Toni Cunningham | June 20, 2014
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Steak and lobster go together like, well, summer and sunshine. This meat and seafood combo is beloved by many, and with good reason. There’s no better way to end a summer day (or any day, for that matter) than with some lobster dunked in melted butter accompanied by a pepper crusted filet, amiright?

By this point, your mouth is probably watering. Allow me to perform some Criss Angel-like magic and read your mind. You’re probably thinking something along the lines of, “Where can I find such a delicious meal in Metro Detroit?” I’m glad you asked!

Traditional options 

The Clawson Steakhouse, 56 S. Rochester Rd., Clawson, offers a Surf and Turf entrée consisting of cold-water tail lobster and a petite filet, served with hot drawn butter and lemon. It’s the restaurant’s namesake dish, so you know it’s great. With a main dish this rich, good luck finding any room for dessert!

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The Plymouth Crossing, 340 N. Main St., Plymouth Twp., is located just outside of the downtown area of Plymouth, and is deserving of a mention. The Surf and Turf here is a seven-ounce choice cut strip steak grilled to your preference, served with a four-ounce lobster tail. Enjoy it on the patio because really, why wouldn’t you?

Harbor House, 440 Clinton St., Detroit, is close to Comerica Park, so if you’re craving some serious food after the game, head on over. The restaurant’s “Pleasing Platters” include two different surf and turf options, including a nine ounce rib-eye served with a half pound of premium snow crab legs, or a nine ounce rib-eye served with a fried or baked lobster tail. If you’re really super hungry, upgrade to a 12-ounce steak for an additional $5.

The Hill Seafood & Chophouse, 123 Kercheval Ave., Grosse Pointe Farms, has not one but two surf and turf dinner options. The Petite Surf and Turf includes grilled filet mignon, broiled Maine lobster tail, truffled potatoes, asparagus and foie gras cream. The other choice is Grand Surf & Turf, with a seven-ounce filet mignon, Maine lobster tail, truffled potatoes, asparagus and foie gras cream. There’s a $24 price difference between the two, but worth every penny.

Unique choices 

Joe Muer Seafood, 400 Renaissance Center #1404, Detroit, was named restaurant of the year by Hour magazine within the past three years, and it’s no wonder why. The menu includes a Surf and Turf dish with sea scallops, braised beef short rib, whipped potatoes and sautéed greens. The gluten free dish is a great spin on the traditional steak and lobster combo.

Station 885, 885 Starkweather St., Plymouth Twp., is located next to a set of train tracks, and the menu also has locomotive references throughout. This restaurant does something ingenious, which is merging surf and turf with everyone’s other favorite type of food: pasta. The Surf and Turf Pasta dish includes sautéed tenderloin tips, jumbo shrimp, onions and bacon in a boursin cheese sauce tossed with fresh linguine. And you thought surf and turf couldn’t get any better… it just did!

Rojo Mexican Bistro, with locations in Novi, Rochester, Birmingham and Partridge Creek, has tons of specialty Rojo tacos, including Surf and Turf! Two flour tortillas are filled with marinated carne asada, sautéed shrimp, grilled peppers and a lobster cream sauce. The dish is served with refried beans and red rice, and you can add a third taco for a few extra dollars. And there’s never anything wrong with additional tacos. Ever.

In case you’re unaware, June is National Seafood Month, and it would be wrong not to celebrate. It would also be wrong to not pair that seafood with a little bit of steak on the same plate. Enjoy celebrating in style!