Catch a Great Movie at a Local Independent Theater

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | January 23, 2017
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Awards season is in full swing for the movie industry, which means you probably have some catching up to do. The chain movie theaters might be showing an award frontrunner now and again, but local independent theaters are known for showcasing many of the season’s top films along with some other hidden gems. Here are five metro Detroit independent theaters you should visit to catch your next flick.

Main Art Theatre

Located in downtown Royal Oak, the Main Art Theatre has always been known for showing the best award contending movies everyone is talking about. The theater is currently showing four award hopefuls in Silence, La La Land, Manchester by the Sea and Elle. The theatre also hosts special midnight screenings of cult movies every Friday and Saturday.

The Maple Theater

This upscale theater in Bloomfield Township is known for showing the latest indie darlings along with the best vintage films. The Maple Theater also features a full fledged kitchen/restaurant that you can enjoy either before, during, or after the movie! They are currently showcasing La La Land, Lion, Jackie, and Nocturnal Animals.

Cinema Detroit

If you are looking for some great independent movies or hidden gems, check out downtown Detroit’s Cinema Detroit. Remodeled from a former furniture factory, the theater showcases some of the top independent offerings while also offering locally made treats, freshly made popcorn, and of course, Faygo soda. The theater is currently showing presumably Best Picture nominee Hidden Figures, and other indie favorites like Bakery in Brooklyn and Hunter Gatherer.


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Michigan Theater

The Michigan Theater is the go to place for any movie buff in the Ann Arbor area. While showcasing some of the finest current cinematic offerings, the theater is also known for special screenings of smaller or older films and hosts many film series such as the currently running Japanese Filmmaking Series. The theater is showcasing La La Land, Jackie, and Manchester by the Sea throughout the week.

The Redford Theatre

While trying to play catch up on current Oscar frontrunners, it might be nice to take a night off and remember past award winning films. The Redford Theatre has been showcasing some of cinema’s most beloved works since it opened in 1928. Upcoming shows include The Maltese Falcon on January 27 and 28, The Cary Grant Tribute Weekend on February 10 and 11, The International Youth Silent Film Festival on March 31, and the Three Stooges festival on April 8.