These Cauliflower Dishes are More Than Meets the Eye

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | January 21, 2019
Cauliflower Dishes Detroit

For many, the word “cauliflower” doesn’t exactly elicit a Pavlovian response. Some call it “broccoli’s more bland cousin.” But, its blandness is exactly why it should be lauded. As you’ll see below, cauliflower can be prepared in a multitude of ways. In fact, I would go as far as to say that cauliflower isn’t bland. It’s versatile.

Terry’s Terrace

shanghai cauliflower terrys terrace

Shanghai Cauliflower from Terry’s Terrace. Photo courtesy of Terry’s Terrace.

One of Metro Detroit’s oldest restaurants, Terry’s Terrace’s kitchen is run by chef TJ Newington and he has produced an entire menu that is vegan-friendly. On that menu, you’ll find one of Newington’s greatest creations: Shanghai cauliflower. Newington’s recipe tosses tempura fried cauliflower in the restaurant’s house made Shanghai sauce after which they are topped with green onions and toasted sesame seeds.

Lady of the House

trailblazer field

From soccer practice to grocery runs, the Chevy Trailblazer is designed to make your everyday outings a breeze.

Corktown staple Lady of the House has built a reputation for applying an attention to detail with everything they do. That extends to every dish, whether it’s a plate of farm greens or prime rib or even a plate of cauliflower. Lady’s cauliflower is prepared with a parmesan cheese sauce, challah, and fennel, a sweet, anise-flavored vegetable. Their menu changes daily, so keep that in mind when visiting.

Selden Standard


Roasted cauliflower from Selden Standard. Photo courtesy of Selden Standard.

With a long list of local farms and producers that Selden Standard pulls from, you can rest easy knowing that whatever you order here, it will be of high quality and freshly prepared. Yes, that includes Selden’s popular roasted cauliflower, which is made with tahini (a sesame based condiment), a pistachio dukkah (blend of nuts and seeds), and cilantro. It’s a perfect dish to whet your appetite for any of Selden’s main courses.

Bistro 82

Royal Oak’s Bistro 82 has provided a fine dining experience to Metro Detroiters since it opened its doors. There are a lot of eye-catching appetizers on its menu, but the orange cauliflower is something to gush about. Simple in concept yet complex in taste, the orange cauliflower is prepared with ginger, sesame seeds, mirepoix (diced vegetables slow-cooked on low heat), orange marmalade, and cashews. All of that gives the cauliflower a flavor profile that is just sweet enough to prepare you for a savory main entree.