Caution Hot! Soups to Warm You Up this Winter

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | January 6, 2021
Unique Soups

The mental image of dipping a spoon into a steaming hot bowl of soup, lifting it up and then blowing on it before taking a sip is enough to warm us up on a cold afternoon. Soups are a great way to warm up after hitting the slopes or just soothe some of those winter blues, but maybe you’re looking for something a little more adventurous than just the average tomato or chicken noodle. So if you’re willing to think outside the box, check out these unique soups in Metro Detroit.

Lunch Box Deli

Lunch Box Deli is home to more than 60 deli sandwich concoctions, but the Mack Avenue spot also offers up made-from-scratch soups. Ranging from local favorite turkey chili to lobster bisque and smoky poblano with cheese, Lunch Box Deli offers unique soups every day. Be sure to call to see what daily soups they offer and you can order delivery or pick-up on their website.

Polish Village

A Detroit staple, Polish Village is a must visit for not only fans of Polish food but foodies in general. Some of their most popular soups include dill pickle, beet, kielbasa, mushroom and cabbage to name a few. For a little more adventurous eaters, we’d suggest the czarnina – duck blood soup – or the flackzi – tripe stew.

The Fly Trap

The Fly Trap is easily one of the best places for a fun brunch with some friends (remember those?), but it also offers some interesting lunch eats as well. One of those is the lemongrass faux bowl, which is made with lemongrass and Thai chili infused broth and features flat noodles, sesame, veggies and your choice of chicken, tofu or shrimp. Be sure to visit their website for daily soup and delivery options.

Aurora’s Family Restaurant

We all have those local family style restaurants that have a special place in our hearts, and for many in the Clinton Township area, one of those restaurants is Aurora’s Family Restaurant. Their soups range daily from Albanian mushroom to dill pickle to crab corn chowder to even cheeseburger! Their Facebook page is updated with daily soups and specials, so be sure to check before you order!

Lunchtime Global

Located in the First National Building in downtown Detroit, Lunchtime Global is the perfect lunch option for anyone who works in Detroit. Their soups of the day range from creamy chicken chili to vegan adobo lentil and black bean toa gluten-free Shepherd’s Pie soup. You can pair it with one of their daily sandwich specials for a perfectly filling lunch.