Celebrate the Return of Football with These Football Party Ideas

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | September 3, 2018
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Football season is upon us. That is a beautiful sentence for many sports fans to read and is a cause for a celebration. Football is one of the best sports to experience with fellow fans, and this is the season when you should start hosting more awesome parties. Whether you’re celebrating the first week of the season, a huge rivalry, or just a normal weekend of football, here are the must haves and where to get them for your next football party.

Chicken Wings: Detroit Wing Company

Chicken wings are a great item to have for a party because you can either have it as the main course or as one of the side options for people to snack on. It’s as versatile as a pass-catching running back, and just like running backs, not all chicken wings are created equal. That’s why you have to choose the best of the best which includes wings from Detroit Wing Co. Featuring 16 original sauces with everything from Butter Cheese to Calypso Heat, you’re sure to find a wing for every football fan.

Decorations: Detroit Athletic Co.

The best parties have the best decorations and the same has to be said for football parties. Whether you need flags, banners, or magnets of your favorite team to show your pride, you have to check out Detroit Athletic Co. The sports store specializes in featuring top of the line apparel along with unique accessories, such as glass vertical frames, beach towels, mini banners, full size flags and much more.

Appetizers: Gary’s Catering

While pizza and party subs will surely fill up your guests, you might need some snacks for the middle stretches of the game. Commercial breaks are always a great time to grab a snack and you have to make sure your guests stay satisfied, which is why we recommend Gary’s Catering. Their appetizer menu has everything from casual options like their Strolling Appetizer Package, or more elegant options like their Grand Spinach Boat or Vegetable Crudités plate. Be sure to check out all of their appetizer options and what they include here.

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Party Subs: Tony Ba’Lony’s Submarines

If you want to appeal to almost everyone in your party, it’s hard to go wrong with a party sub. A sub is good to fill up before the game, and if any of your guests are feeling hungry during the game, it’s easy for them to fix up a sandwich quickly so they don’t miss any of the action. One of the best submarine shops for party subs is Tony Ba’Lony’s Submarines in Livonia. Their catering menu includes numerous party submarine options, along with pasta, vegetables, and potato sides to make the party complete.

Pizza: Chubby Charlie’s Pizza

Pizza is good for any party, but especially for a football party because it’s easy to lay out and who doesn’t love pizza? There are numerous Metro Detroit pizza places worthy of a football party, and you probably have your favorite spots, but if you want to try something new we suggest Chubby Charlie’s Pizza in Waterford. Their catering options offer plenty of pizza, no matter the size of your party, along with stromboli and calzone options.

Tailgate Party: Welcome Back Football at joebar

If you’re not feeling up to throwing your own party or want to get some ideas on how to improve yours, you should check out the Welcome Back Football tailgate party happening at joebar on Sunday, September 9. The party will kickoff at 12 p.m. and will feature Toronto chef Matt Dean Pettit with some truly awesome football snacks and dishes. The event will include buckets of beers, outside tailgate games, and plenty of TVs showing all of the football action.

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