Cheesy, Doughy Delight: Calzones & Pizza Bread in Metro D

By: Toni Cunningham | May 16, 2014
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When it comes to pizza, us Metro Detroiters simply can’t get enough. Thick crust, thin crust, red sauce, white sauce, deep dish, stuffed crust—you name it, we devour it.

If only there was a pizza-like item that involved some sort of pocket, making it both delicious and easily transportable. Oh wait! That’s right. We like to call that the good ‘ol pizza roll/bread/calzone, and they make chowing down on pizza while on the go a downright breeze.

When you’re in the mood for cheese, meat and sauce stuffed into a pizza crust, step away from the Hot Pocket and take a peek at the following Metro Detroit eateries that serve pizza rolls, bread and/or calzones:

The Picnic Basket, 49471 Ann Arbor Rd., Plymouth, has been in business for over 25 years, and in my opinion, has the best pizza-bread like item around. The Picnic Basket is more of a convenience store/catering business than your typical pizza joint, but the Hot Stix here are so good you won’t know what to do with yourself.

The Silverado is the truck that works as hard as you do.

They come in several varieties, including Pepperoni (my favorite), Steak and Cheese, Italian Sausage, Ham & Cheese, Spicy Chicken, and Vegetarian Cheese. At just $1.89 for one or three for $5, they’re practically free.

Villa Bakery, 6237 Middlebelt Rd., Garden City, is a staple in this particular category and is the beloved producer of pizza bread familiar to anyone hailing from the area. These delicious pockets stuffed with cheese and pepperoni are likely to be gone the later it gets in the day, so you’ll want to try and grab yours by lunch time.

Sportsmans Pizzeria, 2425 Fort St., Wyandotte, is the place to go if you’re looking for something other than a typical pepperoni pizza roll. Why? This pizzeria serves two dozen different types of pizza rolls, that’s why!

The famous pepperoni rolls at Sportsmans’ come in varieties like original, Vegetarian (with mushroom, onion, zucchini, red pepper and squash) and Homerun (pepperoni, ham, ground round, bacon and sausage). Specialty rolls include everything from the Breakfast Roll (potato, egg, red pepper, onions and American cheese plus ham, bacon, chorizo or sausage) to the Chili Dog Roll (a footlong coney with homemade chili and mustard) to the Mexican Vegetarian Roll (with zucchini, squash, red pepper and onions cooked in fajita seasoning with muenster cheese). It’s certainly not your average pizza roll!

Capri Italian Bakery, 4832 Greenfield Rd., Dearborn, is known for its pepperoni roll, so you can’t go wrong trying it. When the clock strikes noon and hunger strikes, head to Capri to grab a pepperoni roll, drink and cookie, and you’ll get change back when you hand over a crisp Abraham Lincoln.

The pepperoni rolls are made by hand and come with just pepperoni, pepperoni with cheese, or pepperoni with cheese and sauce. The choice is yours, so make it wisely.

Palermo’s Pizzeria, 22938 Ford Rd., Canton, makes some of the best pizza in the Metro Detroit area. It might, in fact, be my number one favorite. Having said that, the fact that the restaurant also produces out of this world pizza rolls should not surprise you.

You have your choice of just cheese, or cheese with any number of pizza toppings available on the menu. Really, no matter whether you decide on a pizza roll with pineapple or peppers, this folded and stuffed pizza will keep your stomach happy.

Sicily’s Pizzeria & Subs, 3554 W. Vernor Hwy., Detroit, is another pizzeria with plenty of variety when it comes to pizza breads and calzones. Here, they’re called Folds and Zones.

The Pepperoni Fold, Veggie Fold, and Ham and Cheese Fold are all great choices if you’re in the mood for a more traditional choice. The Steak Zone (with grilled steak, mushroom, onion, mild peppers and cheese), Club Zone (grilled chicken, bacon, mozzarella and cheddar cheese) and Fajita Zone (grilled chicken, onion, cheese and green peppers) are more adventurous calzone options on the menu.

Regular pizza and pizza rolls/bread/calzones are two different food items, right? Which means one could indulge in pizza one day and follow up with a calzone the next without overindulging, correct? That’s what I thought.