Chicken, Fish & Shrimp: Beer Battered Dishes in the D

By: Toni Cunningham | August 22, 2014
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Summer is a time of fairs and festivals, when you inevitably run into carnival food. I don’t know about you, but I simply cannot justify eating a battered and fried Twinkie, Oreo or anything of that nature. Probably because I don’t eat those when they’re un-fried, either. When it comes to fried items, I like actual food to be underneath the batter. I think we can all agree that the best time to indulge in fried food is when its covered in beer batter.

If you’re on my level and looking for some beer battered dishes to indulge in this weekend, please try the following:

Bailey’s Pub & Grille, 1777 N. Canton Center Rd., Canton, is one of my ‘ol favorites, and quite frankly, the Drunken Chicken Tenders here are what inspired this article. I don’t know what magic happens in order to create these, but the batter on these babies is the crispiest and tastiest to ever exist. Dip them in barbecue, ranch dressing, honey mustard, liquid gold, I don’t care. Just try them, I beg of you.

Sports Brew Pub, 166 Maple St., Wyandotte, is the city’s only brewery, which may or may not be the highlight of this place. The other shining star is the pub’s Beer Battered Pickles, which consist of fresh dill pickles battered with Sports Brew Pub’s own beer. They’re fried until they’re nice and crispy and served with homemade ranch dressing.

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You can also grab a soft Fish Taco made with beer battered and fried cod for your main dish. Wash either (or both) down with a Raspberry Wheat, Cherry Ale or Mark’s Weiner Dog Stout.

Dick O’Dow’s, 160 W. Maple Rd., Birmingham, is an Irish Public House with plenty of traditional dishes on the menu. It doesn’t get any more Irish than Doyle’s Chipper—Guinness beer battered cod fish and chips served with homemade coleslaw and remoulade—now does it?

Another option is the Fish Sandwich, which includes two Guinness battered cod fillets atop cheddar cheese, lettuce and remoulade on a bun. Last, but certainly not least, is the item of highest priority: Guinness Battered Cheese Curds. Yes, Wisconsin cheese curds that are deep-fried in beer batter. Just run it off on the treadmill later, it’s fine.

Grand Trunk Pub, 612 Woodward Ave., Detroit, not only has beer battered items on its menu, but ones that are made with Michigan brews. The pub’s Fish & Chips are made with Ghetto Blaster (of Motor City Brewing Works) beer battered cod, which are served with seasoned fries and coleslaw.

Alternatively, the menu’s Chicken Strips are battered with New Holland Brewing’s Full Circle beer, then fried to a golden brown. They’re also served with seasoned fries, coleslaw and your choice of sauce.

Quickie Burger, 800 S. State St., Ann Arbor, has more than just burgers to offer. The menu includes everything from breakfast items to, you guessed it, beer battered and fried appetizer items. Try the Beer Battered Onion Rings or Beer Battered Mushrooms (served with Secret Quickie Sauce) as a side to your burger or on their own.

Quickie Burger is one burger joint that serves beer, wine and cocktails, so you can wash down your fried beer batter snack with an actual brew.

Flood’s Bar & Grille, 731 St. Antoine, Detroit, is a great place to kick back with a cocktail or enjoy some soul food. If beer battered seafood is what you seek, this is where you’ll find it. The menu’s Butterfly Shrimp and Catfish Tenders are fried in beer batter and served with two sides.

Some of those side options include French fries, mac n’ cheese, yams and more, but really all that matters is the beer battered seafood.

The weekend is a time to cut loose, and that includes your diet. The elliptical will still be there on Monday, and you can certainly work off all these beer batter-filled calories later.