Cocktail Kits to Go

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | May 20, 2020
Castalia Cocktail Kits featured image for In the D

Cocktail cubes from Castalia in Midtown Detroit. Photo credit: EE Berger.

Remember the days of lounging at your favorite bar or restaurant, sipping on a cocktail that was lovingly crafted by your favorite bartender? 

While you may not be able to recreate the complete experience of going out for drinks right now, you can make your favorite Metro Detroit cocktails at home thanks to cocktail kits! Several bars and restaurants have developed cocktail kits that can be ordered and picked up curbside. Each kit includes all the necessary ingredients sans alcohol, so all you need to do is add the magic liquid and follow a couple of simple directions (you know, like shake or stir).


The unique fragrance bar Castalia in Midtown is selling frozen “cocktail cubes,” which contain juice, simple syrup, bitters, tinctures, dilution, and more. You provide the alcohol. Just place the ice cube in a cocktail glass and add 2 oz. of your liquor (or club soda) of choice. Then, stir or shake the cocktail until the cube has melted.


Cocktail cubes from Castalia in Midtown Detroit. Photo credit: EE Berger.

Castalia is cycling in new cocktail cubes every week and they can be picked up on Saturdays, curbside, from 12-4 p.m. Saturday, May 16th featured Magic Mushroom Old Fashioned, Margarita of Madness, and Touch of May. You can order a box of one flavor for $30, which contains 15 cubes, or a variety pack of all three flavors for the same price. Those who purchase will also be invited to a Zoom webinar on Saturday at 5 p.m. where Castalia staff will demonstrate how to make the drinks and then allow people to ask questions.

City Bird

Celebrating their 15th anniversary this year, City Bird is selling a hibiscus ginger lemon cocktail kit. Each kit serves eight drinks and contains hibiscus, ginger root, lemon, and non-GMO organic infused cane sugar. All you need to do is add 12 oz. of alcohol and let it sit in your refrigerator. One thing to note is that this cocktail has a long waiting period — three days to be exact — in order to allow all of the ingredients to be infused into the alcohol. 

After the alcohol and other ingredients have sat in your fridge for three days, remove it and shake it up before serving. Once infused, the drink is good for 30 days.

Mani Osteria/Isalita/Mikette

Three restaurants in Ann Arbor — Mani Osteria, Isalita, and Mikette — have combined their carryout menus for customers who may be craving Italian, Mexican, or French cuisine (or a little of all three!). On that carryout menu are cocktail kits featuring signature cocktails from each restaurant, such as a rock & rye manhattan and sangria or margarita pitchers. As with all of these, the kit includes everything you need except for the alcohol. Each kit includes a recommendation for the type of alcohol to use.


Ferndale’s popular taco shop, Imperial, has also pivoted their business model while we all remain indoors. In addition to curbside carryout of tacos and sanoras, Imperial is also selling cocktail kits for the “Imperial Margarita” and “Detroit Tart,” each costing about $10. So, grab a couple of your favorite drinks with your next order.

Motor City Gas

Motor City Gas is an award-winng whiskey distillery in Royal Oak that specializes in micro-distilled whiskies, such as bourbons and single malts. They are taking orders for cocktail kits, to make drinks like whiskey sours. Email them at to place an order.

Remember to drink responsibly and plan ahead with a designated driver or take advantage of one of these local designated driving services.