Coffee Carts and Trucks of Metro D

By: Amber Ogden | June 29, 2015
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For most Metro Detroiters who work a 9-5, coffee is not just a morning ritual, coffee is a necessity for normal functioning. Whether you enjoy your coffee from a well-known chain, you make it at home or grab it from a mom and pop shop near your place of employment, most everyone runs on coffee.

Which is why the concept of mobile coffee shops is so great. Think food truck meets caffeine machine, because these carts and trucks bring the coffee to you when you need it most, like on this Monday morning. Keep the following mobile coffee shops in mind for when you’re craving caffeine at any point this summer:

Drifter Coffee is one of Metro Detroit’s latest mobile coffee shops, having launched this spring after a successful crowdfunding campaign. Drifter head honcho Alleah Webb used the campaign to raise funds for coffee equipment and supplies, trailer supplies, licenses and more. Now that the truck is up and running, it’s serving up fresh coffee from Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters of Rochester and Espresso Elevado of Plymouth to the masses.

In addition to pour over coffee, Drifter serves iced coffee, tea and a pastry of the day. To find out where Drifter Coffee will be on any given day, keep an eye on the mobile coffee cart’s Facebook or Twitter pages. Popular spots include Wayne State Farmers Market and Ferndale’s Western Market.

pup view with silverado

Make every outing a tail-wagging adventure with the Chevy Silverado, offering you the perfect blend of comfort and capability.

Arcane Coffee is a small batch coffee roaster on wheels, and as of this summer, pop-ups will be held out of an old camper trailer. Owner Catherine Engstrom has over a dozen years of experience in the coffee business, so you can trust her to brew you a good cup of Joe.

You’ll find cold brew, pour over coffee and more at Arcane, and if you feel the need for an extra jolt, you can add a shot of concentrate to your cup for just $1. Pastries are also often on the menu, and you can purchase a bottle of cold brew to take home with you. Find the Facebook page here.

Tomo Coffee Co. also made its debut earlier this year with a crowdfunding campaign. Through the Kickstarter campaign, Kara Eggebrecht and her team surpassed their goal and raised over $8,000 by the campaign’s end in April in order to fund a custom-built cold brew coffee bike cart.

The cold brew coffee concentrate Eggebrecht and her husband concoct is brewed and bottled in southeast Michigan, and is described as a less acidic cold coffee concentrate. Fun fact: Tomo is named after a cat!

The bike cart will hopefully debut this summer, so keep your eyes peeled throughout Metro Detroit in the coming months, as well as on the Facebook page.

Coffee is never too far out of your reach, thanks to these mobile coffee carts of Metro Detroit. Stay caffeinated, my friends!