“Move” to the Sounds of Local Musician Cooper Anstett

By: Amber Ogden | December 9, 2015
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Indie-pop singer/songwriter Cooper Anstett is a Detroit native who draws vocal comparisons to George Ezra and Sam Hunt. Like Hunt, his passion for collegiate sports shifted to music.

A songwriter and hockey player in high school, Anstett found himself continually drawn to music, and as his hockey career extended into college, he found it becoming less important as his identity with music grew.

After his first professional EP, “For a Reason,” debuted in fall of 2014, Anstett decided to pursue music (and school) full time.

Anstett recently released a new track, “Move,” off of his upcoming mixtape, his sophomore effort, titled “Cooper,” which has a target release date of March 2016.

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“It’s a blend of singer-songwriter, but kind of going a step further than just being a guy and a guitar, and trying to make it more modern, more cutting edge with the production that is behind it,” Anstett said of his sound, which he describes as a singer-songwriter 2.0.

The self-titled album will feature five to six songs and is a departure from his first EP, according to Anstett:

“I really truly think it’s more of who I am and the direction I want to be going as an artist, so it’s really exciting to be releasing something that is more true to me and my heart,” he said.

You can be a part of “Cooper” on PledgeMusic.com, which allows fans to provide funding for the album, or just watch as the project evolves.

Anstett was motivated by the likes of James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Nathan Jennings and Ben Harper while growing up, and the influence of those artists is easy to hear in his songs—but with his own twist.

“Trying to find your own voice, sometimes it’s easy to mimic some vocal things, but then as you get older and keep singing and keep developing, you start to find your own voice,” he said. “I’m at a point in time where I really think I’ve found who Cooper is as an artist, and what my vocal is, what my guitar playing is.”

To find out for yourself who Cooper Anstett is, take a listen to his music via his official website or Facebook page and keep your eyes and ears peeled for his song, “Move,” to make an appearance in a future Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers commercial.

Upcoming Cooper Anstett live show dates include The Loft in East Lansing on Thursday, Dec. 10 and Shinola in Ann Arbor on Friday, Jan. 15.