Handcrafted & Refreshing: Craft Sodas in Metro Detroit

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | January 28, 2016
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We all know that Michigan is a big player in the craft beer industry, but were you aware that craft soda is also made right here in The Mitten? A few places around southeast Michigan and other parts of the state make hand-crafted sodas with great flavors. Take a look below to read about local options.

Mary Ann’s Handcrafted Soda

Mary Ann’s products can be found all throughout the Detroit area, including Rock City Eatery, Mudgie’s and Our/Detroit. Strawberry Soda, Ginger Beer, Coffee Soda and Sparkling Soda are all available. In addition, Mary Ann’s makes several of its own syrups, such as Hibiscus Syrup or Cranberry Syrup. Many of the flavors mix well with alcohol to make a perfect cocktail, as well!

Motor City Brewing Works

While Motor City Brewing Works is known for its craft beer, and rightfully so, it also makes craft soda! Ginger Ale, Grape Soda and Black Cherry Soda are a few of the flavors offered. MCBW makes its soda with cane sugar and not caffeine. In addition to the beers and sodas, the Midtown brewery also offers wine and ciders. You can view all of MCBW’s products online.

Bagger Dave’s

Yes, Bagger Dave’s is a burger joint, but it also makes its own sodas! The restaurant, which was founded here in Michigan, has many locations. Black Cherry Cream, Cola, Lemon-Lime, and even a “Mystery” flavor are a few of the choices listed on the menu. In addition, Bagger Dave’s has handcrafted lemonade.

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Honorable Mention:

Northwoods Soda

Northwoods Soda & Syrup Co. is based in Northern Michigan, but it distributes its products all around southeast Michigan. Bottled Sodas come in such flavors as Root Beer, Lake Effect Lemonade and Thin Ice. You can check out locations online to see which shops near you sell Northwoods Soda products.

Michigan-made craft sodas are unique, so you will be happy to enjoy any of the aforementioned delicious concoctions. Next time you find yourself in the vicinity of any of these places, order a craft soda!