Cruise Into these Classic Restaurants on Woodward Ave.

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | August 14, 2017
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The 2017 Woodward Dream Cruise is just around the corner — this Saturday, August 19 to be exact — and we thought this classic car show would be a great time to highlight some classic restaurants on Woodward Ave. So, from broasted chicken to signature pizza, here are six classic restaurants you can’t miss while cruising the dream that is Woodward!

Chicken Shack

You could say the history of Chicken Shack started in 1946 when original owners Iola and John Sobeck met. Not long after, Iola and John decided to marry in 1947. In 1956, the Sobeck’s got into the broasted chicken business by opening the first Chick Shack location in Royal Oak on 11 Mile Rd. Now, Chicken Shack serves the pressure-cooked chicken to metro Detroiters across 20 different locations, including a second Royal Oak location on Woodward Ave.

Hunter House Hamburgers

Known for some of the best sliders around, Hunter House Hamburger was established in 1952. In fact, the original location on Woodward Ave. is the oldest continually operating restaurant in Birmingham. They still make the same delicious sliders using hamburger patties with sweet onions smashed into them, but if sliders aren’t your thing you can check out their menu here (PDF).


Sign of the Beefcarver on Woodward Ave. with original “Sign of the Beefeater” signage.

Sign of the Beefcarver

Serving classic meals, like meatloaf, mac and cheese, chicken breast over rice and more, Sign of the Beefcarver was established in 1957. The original Woodward Ave. location is located in Royal Oak. Just walk up to the counter, order your meal and any side dishes or desserts you’d like, pay the cashier and then a server will deliver your food tray to your table.

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Mt. Chalet II

As the second Mt. Chalet location after the original Six Mile Rd. location in Detroit, this Woodward Ave. pub has been around for decades, but none of my research could pinpoint exactly how long. While the usual nachos, chicken wings and fish & chips line the menu, Mt. Chalet II also serves up a 14oz New York Strip, blackened mango mahi, the exclusive “Grandmas Mac & Cheese” and much more.

Redcoat Tavern

A staple burger joint on Woodward Ave., Redcoat Tavern was established in 1972 and delivers award-winning burgers in addition to other British-American pub food. Redcoat’s interior is a reflection of its name. Using porch light style lanterns with red light bulbs that hang from the ceiling, the atmosphere of Redcoat is both warm and mysterious.

Nicky D’s Coney Island

Originally known as Athens Coney Island when it was founded by brothers Mark and Greg Mitchell 38 years ago, the popular Woodward Coney Island was renamed Nicky D’s Coney Island last year — one year after Zef and Marija Dedvukaj purchased the restaurant from the Mitchell brothers. Despite the change in ownership and name, Nicky D’s continues to serve the same chili, Coney and other recipes to the casual diner crowd.