Challenge Yourself to Be a Safe Driver Today

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | August 16, 2017
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We’ve all done things we shouldn’t while driving a car. Whether it’s reaching for the sunglasses that fell on the floor, eating breakfast on the way to work because you woke up late, or texting your friend about plans you have this weekend, we all find ourselves distracted from time to time. We might not think these distractions to be matters of life and death, but they are. It only takes one second for an accident to happen. We challenge you to do better. We challenge you to take the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Safe Driver Pledge.

What’s the Safe Driver Pledge? It’s a promise that you will practice safe driving at all times. Those who make the Pledge promise to:

  • Stay hands-free when making calls
  • Never text and drive
  • Never use social media while driving
  • Speak out as a passenger if your driver is distracted
  • Encourage friends and family to drive phone-free

To take the Pledge, visit a participating Metro Detroit Chevy Dealer during Cruze In for a Cause. Taking the Safe Driver Pledge will enter you in for a chance to win a $500 Visa gift card. Be safe and win some cash!

Some of our greatest heroes are the ones right in our own community. First-responders, like firefighters, police officers and EMS personnel, help save lives every day. Their goal is to make sure the people in their communities are safe, but are you doing your part to work with these first responders to keep our roads safe?

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By being more mindful and alert of your driving habits and those around you, you are making a first responder’s tough job a little easier. Keeping everyone’s safety in mind every time you get into a vehicle is how we all stay safe on the road.

Your Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers want to help put safe drivers on the road. It’s time to Cruze In for a Cause. Now in its second year, Cruze in for a Cause will take place from August 15 to September 15. Participating Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers will be honoring first responders by holding special events. These events include a first responders softball game, a first responders luncheon, and more. Dealership staff will also be providing safe driver education, giving away prizes, and more.

Just cruise into a participating Metro Detroit Chevy Dealer to see what they have planned for Cruze in for a Cause and while you’re there, take the Safe Driver Pledge. Who knows? You might win $500.

Next time you’re on the road, remember to keep all of these safety measures in mind. First responders will be there to help you in an emergency, but being prepared should never take a backseat to safety.