Detroit Carryout Dining Guide for the Big Game

By: Aaron B. Cohen | February 5, 2021
Detroit carryout food for the Big Game

Go big on Detroit carryout this weekend for the big game.

It’s almost game day! And you know what that means…While public health restrictions have made it increasingly challenging to enjoy football on Sunday at our favorite watering hole or restaurant (which must close by 10 p.m.), there is no reason we can’t indulge with equal ferocity from the comfort of our own homes. Detroit features excellent carryout pizza, wings, fried chicken, BBQ – and of course – plenty of your favorite libations; nothing is off the table for America’s Game – home edition.

What you’ll drink…

Whatever you want. Don’t let the pandemic blues fool you into believing you need a barstool to achieve your ultimate pre-game, mid-game, half-time or post-game cocktail. Tons of local establishments are providing everything you need to take your show on the road. Here’s a few options to fill your cup this Sunday.

Carryout Cocktails

These days it seems like Corktown is living up to its name as the cocktail capital of Detroit. All three of these bonafide Detroit establishments offer carryout cocktails that will surely impress your friends and family. Click the links above to learn more about the unique options available for pickup.

Available for pre-order or at their walk-up window, Kiesling offers bottled takes on classic cocktails including the Kiesling Old Fashioned and Amaro Sour along with more creative options like Sherry is Caring and the Scotch Apple. Remember to remind your guests you’re not a bartender. You’re a mixologist.

Michigan Brews

If you’re of the belief that football and beer are inextricably linked, why not keep it local? Here in Michigan, we are fortunate to have some of the world’s finest golden suds. On your pre-game beer run, look for six-packs brewed by Bell’s, Founders, Stroh’s, Jolly Pumpkin or Old Nation Brewing Co.

What you’ll eat…

It’s not Thanksgiving but it may as well be. There’s only one way to do the big game justice and that’s to stuff your gut ‘til you are physically unable to leave your couch. Lucky for you, the couch is the only place you need to be. Here’s our advice for inducing your food-coma.

Carryout pizza

Congrats. You live in the greatest pizza city in the world. If you’re looking for classic Detroit-style pizza, you can carry out from institutions like Buddy’s, Loui’s and Green Lantern.  If you prefer thin crust, New York-style slices, check out Supino Pizzeria in Eastern Market.  If it’s New Haven-style (often considered the penultimate Neapolitan pie) you seek, try Tomatoes APIZZA for your Sally’s/Frank Pepe’s-adjacent fix.

Carryout wings

Nothing screams football on Sunday like wings. In the wake of these challenging times, opt out of ordering from major chains and pick up from a locally owned joint. City Wings and Detroit Wing Company provide your carryout fix for the big game.

Carryout cold cuts

Detroiters are fortunate to live in a community where diversity manifests as options in the cold cuts department. Cold cuts are a no-fuss, low-maintenance way to feed your family and friends.  For immaculate Italian cold cuts – prosciutto, salami, capicola, etc. – try Ventimiglia Italian Foods in Sterling Heights. For old-school Jewish deli – corned beef, pastrami, chopped liver – hit Stage or Steve’s.

Carryout fried chicken

A bucket of chicken is all it takes to elevate your game day experience to the next level. For Metro Detroit’s best fried chicken, Try Gus’ (Memphis-style – note the spice cooked into the skin), Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken (for your Cajun fix) or Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles.

Carryout BBQ

Barbeque can mean different things to different cities. Here in Detroit, we take the best of traditional Kansas City, Carolina and Memphis BBQ and serve it up with no bias. If you’re craving platters of ribs, brisket and pulled pork, try BBQ Central, Lockhart’s BBQ, Red Smoke Barbeque or Lee’s Texas-Style Bar-B-Q.

Remember to drink responsibly and plan ahead with a designated driver or take advantage of one of these local designated driving services.