Detroit’s Food Truck Frenzy: Must-Try Mobile Eateries

By: Katie Goncalves | September 29, 2023
crowd surrounding a food truck

If you haven’t tried ordering from a food truck yet it’s an absolute must. Local mobile eateries are all the rage for good reason: they make delicious food in a relaxed, to-go environment. Many local food trucks have created large fan bases that follow them all across the Metro Detroit area because of their incredible dishes. No matter what kind of cuisine you’re craving, there’s likely a food truck out there for you to try. Whether they’re serving out of a truck, van, camper, or cart, here are some of the mobile eateries in the Motor City. 


The Pita Post is one of the most talked about food trucks in Metro Detroit. They offer a variety of delicious pita sandwiches that are Mediterranean inspired including falafel and kebab patties. Their bread is hand-crafted from a special recipe and all of their sandwiches are made to order. Tal Sasson, owner of The Pita Post, says, “This year will be our 10th year in business with our food truck. Serving our freshly made pocket pitas. The SHNITZEL is the star but also lots of amazing vegan options. Most available for private events but also open to the public on Wednesdays at Detroit FLEAT in Ferndale and on Sundays at the Birmingham farmers market.”

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pita post food truck
Photo courtesy of The Pita Post


4800 West Fort Street, Detroit

Detroit 75 Kitchen started as a dream to feed truckers taking a pit stop at their family’s truck stop and has grown to be a favorite restaurant in the city. Voted one of the best food trucks in the city, this permanent fixture gets lines down the street throughout the week. Their menu mainly features sandwiches, including a shrimp po’ boy that is out of this world. 


Motor City Franks serves classic hot dogs at their cart all around the city of Detroit. It’s the simplicity of the hot dog and toppings that makes it so incredibly tasty. Finish it off with a Faygo pop and Better Made Chips for a true Detroit meal. Motor City Franks is also available for parties and catering. 


Delectabowl serves up delicious home-cooked meals in a bowl all over the Metro Detroit area. Some of the bowls on their menu include the Comfort Bowl with BBQ pulled pork, Michigan cherry coleslaw, served over cornbread, and the Loaded Potato Bowls which come in many different varieties. 


Storefront: 9406 Village Place Boulevard, Brighton

Rollin Stone Pizza serves up delicious pizzas made in their wood-fired pizza oven that was imported from Italy. You can choose to build your own pizza or select from one of their handcrafted pizzas on the menu like the BLT, the Chicken Mediterranean, or the Sweet Baby BBQ. Rollin Stone Pizza is available for parties and catering and also has a storefront in Brighton where you can get their pizza any time. 


The Mean Weenie is not one but four different food trucks serving up hot dogs and sausages. They are proud to feature and serve Michigan-made products like Faygo pop, Brown’s Bakery buns, and Dearborn hot dogs and sausages.