ZipSauce: Detroit’s Culinary Secret Weapon

September 30, 2023
bottle of ZipSauce with plate of pulled pork, coleslaw, and a pickle

Photo courtesy of The Original ZipSauce


ZipSauce Bistro: 4210 Sashabaw Road, Waterford Township

Some call it a dipping sauce. Others describe it as a buttery, salty glaze. The bottom line for foodies of all kinds is that the delicious condiment known as ZipSauce is the ultimate complement to steaks, soups, seafood, and even vegetables. If you haven’t heard of ZipSauce, prepare to be introduced to one of Detroit’s best-kept culinary secrets—a sauce that’s as dynamic as the city itself. This flavorful elixir has been a Motor City staple since the 1930s and has become a culinary sensation across the United States.

Its popularity grew to the point where restaurants started making their own version, according to Michael Esshaki, who owns the trademark to what he calls the Original ZipSauce. 

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Bottle of ZipSauce a plate of meat
Photo courtesy of The Original ZipSauce

Using the finest ingredients to create high-quality flavors, one of Michael Esshaki’s goals was to develop a sauce that has versatility for all types of cuisines and preferences. 

After launching in 2007, Esshaki’s ZipSauce became synonymous with innovation, flavor, and a commitment to elevating the art of cooking. Quickly gaining a reputation for being an originative condiment and must-use sauce, ZipSauce’s mission has been to “add a zip of excitement to every meal.”

Mr. Esshaki says, “ZipSauce is the ultimate ingredient for enhancing all types of dishes. It’s like a liquid seasoning that can be added to any recipe as a substitute for sodium and other seasoning. Like Chevy, Vernors, or Better Made, ZipSauce has become a household name in Michigan.”

One secret ingredient to Michael Esshaki’s success has been his unwavering passion for food and his commitment to culinary innovation. Getting inspiration from different cuisines around the country, ZipSauce has become a canvas for culinary explorations, creating a blend used for unique and delectable recipes. 

ZipSauce with bell peppers, jalapenos, and cut up onion
Photo courtesy of The Original ZipSauce

ZipSauce continues to thrive as a brand that adds flavor and excitement to dining tables worldwide and can be found on the brand website and in over 100 retail locations. Most recently, ZipSauce has expanded into the restaurant industry, with the opening of the first ZipSauce Bistro, which is located in Waterford, MI. The bistro is a great opportunity to try out how delicious ZipSauce is alongside your meal or pick up some ZipSauce merch to show off your favorite sauce!

Give ZipSauce a try with your next meal, you may not be able to go back to cooking without it!

This article has been updated to include new information. The original article was published on March 8, 2019, and was authored by Karen Dybis.