DIME: Providing Music Education Courses in Detroit

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | August 24, 2016
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The Detroit Institute of Music Education (or better known as DIME) offers one of the most unique music education experience in the region. With their custom built courses and curriculum, DIME strives to give musicians the ability to have a long-term, professional career in music.

Located in the heart of downtown Detroit, the institute gives students the opportunity to either succeed in a profession of performing music or in the business of music. Musicians can specialize in different areas including songwriting, music entrepreneurship, guitar, bass, drums or vocals. Within these different areas, courses range from Theory of Music and Ear Training, to Improvisation, to even Music Business Studies.

All of these areas feature faculty members who have enjoyed sustained success in the industry and have a passion for inspiring future musicians. Karl Middleton, head of DIME, says that these instructors not only equip students with strong musical foundations, but give students a good working knowledge into how the music industry functions.

“They exemplify our values by being high-level practitioners with music careers, who are committed to training the next generation of musicians and music industry professionals. They bring the music industry into the classroom every day,” Middleton said.

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Along with the courses, DIME offers supplementary support services to ensure that students have access to whatever tools they need to succeed in the program. Faculty members are always available for extra help and students have access to weekly sessions that focus on subjects like networking, professional development, self-employment skills, study skills, and more.

DIME is able to give students plenty of performance opportunities for paid and unpaid gigs across the Metro Detroit area. Every student also has the opportunity to audition original material for DIME’s annual student album, DIME Sessions. The album is recorded and released through the school’s affiliate record label, Original 1256 Recordings, and distributed nationwide by Caroline Records.

DIME believes that it is important for the institute to become a staple in Detroit, especially because they want to be a part of the city’s reinvention. With places like Eastern Market, Rivertown, Corktown, and the Riverfront, they see the city as the perfect opportunity for young musicians to learn about the industry and shape their talents.

“A vibrant music and creative arts scene is an essential component. Detroit has these attributes in abundance,” Middleton said.“It has incredible music heritage and phenomenal musical talent. Until DIME arrived in Detroit there was no study destination for aspiring young musicians to study popular music and the business at undergraduate level.”

DIME continues to grow and perform at venues all across the city. The institute will begin its fall program of short courses soon and will also be releasing new Original 1265 Recordings this fall.

Information on DIME courses, events, or how to apply for an audition, can be found on their website and Facebook page. Those interested can book a tour or audition by calling (313)232-1600 or email info@dime-detroit.com.