Diversify Your Sweet Tooth Cravings with These 5 Bakeries

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | July 21, 2017
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For most of us, not giving into the better wishes of our sweet tooth is a struggle. We see a candy bar at the grocery store check-out line and start to internally justify the purchase to ourselves. A kid with an ice cream cone on a hot day prompts us to search for the nearest ice cream shop on our phone. It’s a tough life, we know. Some days, however, we get tired of the same old sweet tooth cravings and look to get a little culture with our next sugar rush. As made evident by the five bakeries you see below, there is no scarcity in diversity when it comes to baked sweets in metro Detroit.

Tringali’s Bakery (Italian)

Founded by an Italian immigrant in 1958, it goes without saying that Tringali’s Bakery in Warren is built on authenticity and experience. The family owned and operated business bakes all manner of breads, buns and pastries, the latter of which just caused your sweet tooth to tingle. From pasticiotti and napolian to Tringali’s speciality, “The Cannoli,” anyone looking for an Italian treat should check out Tringali.

Graf’s Pastry (German)

While Graf’s Pastry specializes in European-style baked goods, one-half of the culinary team behind Graf’s Pastry, Josef Hartung, received his training in Germany. Hartung was the head pastry chef at multiple German cafes before taking on Graf’s Pastry in Farmington Hills. Thanks to Hartung and his partner Andrea Dadourian, you can stop in for German-European cookies, cakes, tortes, pastries, flans, and more. We recommend the “Mini” dessert sampler if it’s your first time in.

La Gloria Bakery (Mexican)

Located in Detroit’s Mexicantown, La Gloria Bakery is a staple location of metro Detroit for Mexican baked goods, like churros, tres leche, custard horns, fruit-filled empanadas and more. Plus, the prices really can’t be argued with. Enjoy a handful of treats without hurting your wallet — can’t say no to that!

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Masri Sweets (Middle-Eastern)

For traditional Middle-Eastern sweets, look no further than Masri Sweets in Dearborn. Fresh baklava, kanafeh, qatayef, kaak, madlouka, and more line the glass case along the counter. It’s too tempting not to want to try one of everything. Even if you don’t know what some of it is, it all looks so well-made and decorated that your eyes are bound to light up when you walk in. And, if you can’t make the trip, you can always order from the website.

QQ Bakery (Chinese)

If you’re looking for traditional Chinese baked sweets, QQ Bakery in Madison Heights has been satisfying many-a sweet teeth for some time. Get your fill of mamon, egg tart, fruit-filled pastries, bubble tea, impeccably decorated cakes, and more. If you plan on stopping in, make sure you bring some cash as QQ Bakery does not accept any other form of payment.