Entre-SLAM: A Local Storytelling Competition for Entrepreneurs

By: Toni Cunningham | August 27, 2014
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Everyone has his or her own personal story to tell, and here in Metro Detroit, there is plenty of diversity. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve likely got all kinds of stories in your arsenal—stories of successes, failures, and a few tales with words of advice for your fellow businesspeople.

Entre-SLAM is a business storytelling competition for entrepreneurs, where business folk of Southeast Michigan get together to tell their best (and worst) tales of the business world. Based around a theme (like “My Best Mistake Ever”), entrepreneurs gather to share their personal stories with their peers. Entre-SLAM events take place once a quarter at Bleu Detroit, 1540 Woodward Ave., Detroit.

Each meeting features approximately eight storytellers, who share with an audience of 60 to 100 people. The rules are: no pitching, you have five minutes to share your story, it must be business related, and it must be true. No James Frey’s allowed!

Prizes are awarded to the top three storytellers, and the winners get their videotaped story posted online. The evening also features food from local eateries like Zingermans, Small Plates and House of India.Entre-SLam Main

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Founder Christa Chambers-Price was inspired to create Entre-SLAM after being inspired by The Moth, a storytelling group that began in New York that focuses on life stories.

“I thought, ‘Why not have a night of storytelling for entrepreneurs?’ In fact, why not make it a fun night overall that includes food, a great bar, bands, singers, flamethrowers, dancers and, oh yeah, some networking,” Chambers-Price said. “It really is a night of celebration for entrepreneurs who get the chance to keep it real, enjoy each other and be inspired by each other.”

Entre-SLAM got its start in Ann Arbor in March of 2012, and since then, tons of entrepreneurs have showcased what makes them, and their stories, special.

Take a peek at one of Chambers-Price’s very favorite stories, a narrative told by Emilia Sibley at the first Entre-SLAM event ever:


Entrepreneurs have to market their business and break through the clutter and confusion that exists in their markets, and according to Chambers-Price, Entre-SLAM helps them to do just that.

“Storytelling is a powerful secret weapon that combines simulation and inspiration that leads to action. Entrepreneurs who attend an Entre-SLAM get to see this type of communication, live and in person. Hopefully, the night inspires them to work on building their own narrative,” Chambers-Price said.

Since it’s never too early to start planning for your future, Chambers-Price is currently working with Merit Goodness to develop an Entre-SLAM event for high school students from Detroit. The details are still in development, so stay tuned!

“The Detroit community is committed to its success and pushing the needle of progress forward, no matter what,” Chambers-Price said. “That energy is infectious and inspiring. This community can continue to help each other by finding, focusing and delivering on what makes them unique.”

For more information on Entre-SLAM, or to sign up to tell a story, visit the official website.