Escape the Mundane! 5 Escape Rooms in Metro Detroit

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | January 10, 2018
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You wake up. It’s dark, but a faint light fills the room. Only, it isn’t a room. It’s a cell. You’re in a jail cell. Suddenly, your breathing quickens. The panic you’re feeling makes you unaware of how fast your heart is also beating.

What am I doing here? you wonder.

There are scrawlings on the walls. Tally marks. Words. Names. None of it makes sense; not immediately anyway. That’s when you hear a voice.

“Hey! Are you up? What can you see? Tell me what you see. We need to get out of here!” the mysterious voice echoes.

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The game is on.

Okay, so this may not be exactly what it’s like to take part in an escape room, but what’s life without a little role play?

Escape rooms are a fun way to assess your relationships with friends while also putting your collective minds to the test. You’ll scream nonsense at each other before you realize all of those funny drawings on the wall are really clues, clues to your escape. If being locked in a strange room with your friends sounds like a good time, then check out these five escape rooms in metro Detroit.

Decode Detroit – Ann Arbor

This Ann Arbor-based escape room is actually a trilogy. “Minerva’s Trilogy” combines escape rooms (parts one and three) with a free scavenger hunt in downtown Ann Arbor (part two). Playing each of the parts in order is important to follow this narrative, but if members of your group missed any part, the staff will be happy to get you up to speed on what this “adolescent artificial intelligence” has been up to.

Decode Detroit has plans to open locations in Plymouth and Detroit in 2018.

The Great Escape Room – Royal Oak

At The Great Escape Room in Royal Oak, there are four different rooms, all themed around one of the greatest detectives in fictional history: Sherlock Holmes. Some of the rooms include “Sherlock Holmes’ Library,” where you are being tested to become Holmes’ next pupil, and “Professor Moriarty’s Gameroom,” where the goal is to find an antidote in the room and “save the world.” If you’re not sure which of the four rooms is for you, here is a ranking of their respective difficulty levels.

Erebus Escape – Pontiac

Building on the popularity of the Erebus haunted house in Pontiac, Erebus Escape is located nearby and is equally designed to thrill. Currently, there is one escape room, called “Lockdown,” where you are tasked with one thing: breaking out of prison. Future escape room themes at Erebus Escape will include “Thrones,” a fantasy-themed room where participants are tested in order to find the next heir to the throne, “Extinction,” a room where you must figure out how to stop a deadly and infectious disease from destroying humanity, and “Body of Evidence,” a classic murder mystery case for you to solve.

Escape the Room – Detroit

Located downtown, the Detroit chapter of Escape the Room features two rooms, each with a different theme. “The Dig” puts eight players “into the deep” with 60 minutes to find their way out and “The Agency” puts 10 players in a room where they must complete a “top secret mission” in 60 minutes or be “relieved of duty.”

Puzzled Escape – Brighton

Do you have what it takes to solve the murder of Dr. Sulken and prevent his research from getting into the wrong hands? How about learning how to survive in a bunker during “The Apocalypse?” Puzzled Escape in Brighton will make stress levels rise as you work through each of the three escape rooms.

So, do you have what it takes to best these metro Detroit escape rooms? There’s only one way to find out…