Ethical Fishing: Sustainable Seafood in Metro Detroit

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | October 10, 2018
Motor City Seafood Co

Photo Courtesy Motor City Seafood Co.

When it comes to enjoying the freshest (read: most delicious) seafood in Metro Detroit, there are many great restaurants to choose from. But, the reason we have so many delectable options is in large part due to one Plymouth-based vendor.

Motor City Seafood, co-owned by hospitality veteran Matthew Wiseman, has been practicing sustainable seafood farming since the company started last year. What that means is that when Motor City Seafood sources a particular type of fish from somewhere in the world, they make sure it has been ethically caught. As an example, they don’t purchase anything from fisheries that use large sea nets due to their collateral damage, settling only for fish caught on long lines.

But, where can you enjoy this ethically sourced, fresh seafood in Metro Detroit? There are many, many places that receive their fish from Motor City Seafood in the area. We highlighted a few that caught our eye below.

Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails

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Opened in 2015 by chef Doug Hewitt and hospitality manager Sandy Levine, Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails is known for its adherence to using quality ingredients in all of its meals. That includes the bigeye tuna (grilled pineapple, plum, potato, Sarah song melon, cilantro), which it sources from Motor City Seafood.


Known for its Italian cuisine, SheWolf head chef Anthony Lombardo draws heavily on dishes found in Rome today. Given Rome’s proximity to the sea, it is no mistake that SheWolf would look for the most sustainable, freshest seafood available in Metro Detroit. That can be seen in SheWolf’s “Orata Per Due;” a whole roasted Mediterranean Sea Bream served with braised greens and roasted fennel.

Dr. Sushi

Chef Nick George, better known as Dr. Sushi in Detroit, started his business as a private sushi chef for parties and catered events after spending his teen years working prep at a Japanese market and sushi bar. What’s more is that his business as Dr. Sushi is “Michigan’s first sustainable sushi business” and he gets product straight from Motor City Seafood. What that all boils down to is some of the freshest sushi you’ll taste in Metro Detroit.

Cafe Cortina

Located in Farmington Hills, Cafe Cortina also places its focus on preparing high-quality Italian cuisine for its guests. The owners have been committed to this since 1975 when the cafe was opened to the point that they have their own garden from which they procure fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers. When it comes to seafood, like the mediterranean sea bass which is deboned at your table, Cafe Cortina ensures their product is of the freshest variety.