Experience Distinct and Unique Flavors with New Holland Brewing Company

By: Toni Cunningham | February 26, 2013
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Whether you prefer a light beer with a lime wedge or a dark, dry stout, surely everyone can agree on one thing. No matter the season—or your personal taste—Michigan-made beer is superior to all others.

New Holland Brewing Company aims to “enhance customers’ quality of life” through creativity and artistry. Each beer, from the year-round mainstays to seasonal ones, is distinct and unique in flavor and appearance, according to Megan LaSorsa, New Holland’s Art & Communication Coordinator. The company includes a brew house, distillery and pub, all of which produce a great selection of beers and spirits.

“We do important work creating drinks that elevate everyday occasions into unique experiences,” Brett VanderKamp, New Holland’s founder, said. “Art can change the world, and for fifteen years we’ve been creating art in fermented form. When audiences in cities across the Midwest taste what we create, it will change their understanding of what beer and spirits can be.”

If you’re the type who picks up the same 24-pack every time you visit the grocery store, step away from your usual choice and consider switching things up. New Holland’s winter lager, Cabin Fever Brown Ale, is available at local grocery and craft beer stores and is the perfect pairing for a Sunday roast while the snow falls.

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Feeling adventurous? New Holland’s newest artisan spirit, Beer Barrel Bourbon, is the result of an innovative technique where bourbon is aged in beer barrels for 90 days. The final product offers a unique (and well appreciated) flavor, enjoyed by whiskey connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

Consider making a stop at New Holland’s restaurant and pub, where you can enjoy chicken pesto pizza or a Memphis pulled pork sandwich. You’ll want to fuel up before embarking on a brew house and distillery tour, held at the Production Brewery every Saturday.

“(The) tour includes information on our 50-barrel brewhouse, fermentation cellar, post prohibition pot-still, Dragon’s Milk Cellar, as well as our spirit aging room,” LaSorsa said. “Tours include samples of both our beer and spirits and a take-home pint glass.”

For only $10, the tour sounds like a bargain to me! Whether you make the drive to visit New Holland’s restaurant and pub, or just venture to the nearest beer store, make sure to try Cabin Fever before the season is over.