Parkour, Rock Climbing & Snowboarding: Extreme Sports of Metro Detroit

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | February 2, 2016
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Nowadays there seems to be a sport for just about everyone. You have your standard sports like football or basketball, running sports such as track and field, and then there are extreme sports, which are a little bit more daring. Extreme sports are great for thrill seekers, as they provide an extra element of adrenaline. If you live for these kinds of activities, or want to try your hand at them, check out this list below.

Phoenix Freerunning Academy

Parkour, or freerunning, is the sport of moving rapidly through obstacles by running, jumping and climbing. Phoenix Freerunning Academy, located in Livonia, is a training facility specializing in parkour. The academy offers group classes, open gym, private lessons, workshops and more. The facility is designed for any skill level.

Planet Rock Climbing Gym

With locations in both Ann Arbor and Madison Heights, Planet Rock is the place to go for indoor rock climbing. Each location offers more than 24,000 square feet and heights of 25 to 45 feet! Planet rock offers trainingaerial silks classeslead lessons and programs for kids. There are several different routes and walls offering many challenging obstacles.

Landslide Skate Park

We cannot talk about extreme sports without mentioning skateboarding and BMX biking, now can we? Landslide Skate Park is a 22,000-square-foot facility in Clinton Township. The indoor skate park allows skateboards, inline skates, scooters, RipStiks and BMX Bikes on the premises. Landslide also provides clinics for all skill levels.


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Mount Holly Ski and Snowboard Resort

Although we have really not had to deal with much snow this season (knock on wood), it is still winter here in Metro Detroit. With that said, skiing and snowboarding are surely still a doable activity. Mount Holly offers several trails, and has something for every skill level. In addition, lessons are available here. Rates can be found online.

No matter what adventure you are chasing, you are likely to find it right here in our gorgeous state. Go ahead, seek a thrill and participate in an extreme sport!