Fabulous Flatbread

By: Karen Dybis | September 27, 2019

As autumn kicks in and hungry people start thinking about the stew, soup and pot-pie season, there is no greater accompaniment to these savory dishes than a warm plate full of chapati, or the classic flatbread.

Chapati, also known as roti or phulka, is an unleavened flatbread that is a delicious staple in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, East Africa and beyond. They typically come in 7-inch rounds and are made with whole wheat flour, all-purpose flour, salt, water and olive oil. It’s so popular that even Martha Stewart’s website has a recipe.

You could make your own at home – it’s a pretty simple dough to create and fry in a skillet – but there is nothing more satisfying than getting an order of chapati at your table along with a hot bowl of curry or a sool sprouted Moong Dal salad. At least, that’s how the folks over at Martha’s house eat it.

Here are some great options if you’re looking for some chapati to enjoy while dining out, taking some home to eat in or to bring with you to an event. Most of these restaurants offer catering as well for larger groups.

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Roti Max Bakery

This Dearborn bakery gets five-star reviews on websites such as Yelp for its strong flavors and fresh, crusty bread. One reviewer raved about the chapati, noting that it “tastes and looks just like the ones back home in Yemen.” There also are a variety of juices, smoothies and special dishes on the menu to go with the fresh-baked chapati. 


Two brothers started this street-food eatery in Canton, and named it after their two daughters. It is now a chain of like-minded quick eats and sit-down joints across Metro Detroit. Both brothers and their staff have extensive experience in the food business, and the menu shows it. The menu, which features more than 150 dishes, comes with a number of bread options, including chapati.

“At Neehee’s, we make every single order of roti fresh where it is placed from roti pan to plate,” said Dipali Patel, Marketing Director for the restaurant chain. 

Pizza House

 You wouldn’t think a place known for beer and pizza after a college football game would have chapati, but there it is. Their version, known as chipati, is described as whole wheat pita bread, which is baked fresh when ordered then stuffed with goodies and ingredients, even a Caesar salad.


 Canton has a number of well-loved Indian restaurant, and Authentikka is one of the newest. This restaurant specializes in comfort foods that focus on quality, tradition and flavor. It offers tandoori roti along with a variety of other breads, including butter naan, onion kulcha and a basket that mixes a number of these in one great mix.  


This longtime favorite features fine Indian cuisine served in an elegant dining room befitting a full family dinner. As you enjoy bowls of Channa Masala or Behindi Dopyaza, you can scoop up mouthfuls of these spicy dishes with the chapati or naan breads, which come in an array of flavors and serving sizes.