Fall Feels: Cozy Up to a Campfire with Friends and Family

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | August 3, 2018
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As we enter August, a few things start coming to mind: when does my favorite cider mill open? When will the leaves start to change their colors? Why is it still 85 degrees?

These are important questions, but the most important question is this: why am I not hanging around a campfire with my favorite people, sharing laughs and stories late into the night? As Metro Detroiters, we know that when the temperatures start dropping, it’s a slippery slope to winter and that means the window on prime campfire weather is closing in on us. Let’s make the most of it.

When my friends and I plan on having a campfire get-together, we try to make sure we bring some essentials: snacks, drinks, bug spray, a sweatshirt, firewood, kindling (or lighter fluid if you want to make life easy), but what if you wanted to go the extra mile?

In the snacks and drinks department, it’s important to bring essentials like everything needed to make s’mores. And, sure, you could pick up a pack of your favorite drink, but why not do something special for everyone? There’s nothing like a glass of warm apple cider to sip on around a campfire, especially if there’s a nice chill in the air. The fire and cider, together, will warm you up inside and out. Plus, it’s apple cider. C’mon.

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Good friends will always find something to talk about, but when there’s a lull in the convo, there’s nothing like a good ghost story. If you’re looking for some inspiration on a good story that’ll give your friends the willies, Detroit has plenty of material.

Now, what about some good tunes? If you’ve been following Chevy In the D, you know Metro Detroit has a ton of great, local artists. We recently caught up with The Messenger Birds, an alt-rock duo with a catchy sound. If you’re looking for a folk vibe, I recommend checking out Escaping Pavement or Drinkard Sisters. And Koffin Kats celebrated their 15th anniversary earlier this year.

With all of this, you’ll be ready for a relaxing night with the people you care about. Light that campfire, pull up a lawn chair, play some tunes and enjoy the good vibes…you know, before it starts snowing.