Fall into pumpkin spice season

By: Briana Dixon | October 7, 2022

It’s that time of year; the seasonal pumpkin flavor’s time to shine. What better way to fully indulge in the fall season than by grabbing your favorite pumpkin spice and pumpkin-flavored fare? As we all know the pumpkin-flavored treats are fleeting, so don’t wait too long! Here are a few options to choose from…


The Office Coffee Shop

The Office Coffee Shop is exactly what it sounds like– a coffee shop with an office-like setup for coworking in Royal Oak. Aside from the drinks, snacks, and light meals, this shop has designated meeting areas, wifi, and printing available. And of course, there’s the assortment of pumpkin-flavored menu items that are added every year around this time. The hot and cold pumpkin spice lattes are made with locally-sourced coffee, and with the option to add seasonal spices, or syrups, like the pumpkin pie flavor, it’s ensured to be quite the delight. Pair that with a slice of pumpkin bread or pumpkin cake, baked fresh by the Office Coffee Shop team, and you can’t go wrong. To learn more, follow The Office Coffee Shop on Instagram @theofficero and on Facebook @The Office Coffee Shop. 


Located in Ann Arbor, Cinnaholic puts its own unique spin on the cinnamon rolls. They give customers the option to create their own cinnamon rolls, choosing from an array of frosting and toppings. This shop also serves brownies, cookies, rolls, cakes, chocolate-covered fruit, and edible cookie dough, all made from scratch and dairy free. In honor of fall, guests can now enjoy a pumpkin spice roll and pumpkin bread. To learn more, follow Cinnaholic on Instagram and on Facebook @cinnaholic.annarbor.

Tapped Coffee & Craft Beverages

Tapped Coffee & Craft Beverages is best known for serving up delicious non-alcoholic, craft beverages. There are also several food options to choose from. However since there are locations throughout Canton and Downtown Royal Oak, guests can expect slight variations on the menu at each one. For those in or near Canton, the pumpkin spiced cold brew and the pumpkin pie nitro cold brew or espresso blend are currently available. The Royal Oak menu includes pumpkin white hot chocolate, pumpkin spice latte, and pumpkin glazed donuts. For more information, follow Tapped Coffee & Craft Beverages on Facebook @Tapped Coffee & Craft Beverages and on Instagram @tapped.canton.  

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Cake Crumbs

Cake Crumbs takes pride in its baked creations, made on-site using locally sourced ingredients. Although this bakery is mostly known for its cake masterpieces, all of the pastries sold are nothing less than scrumptious. Located in Southfield, Cake Crumbs has just what your sweet tooth needs, including pumpkin cheesecake slices for a limited time. For more information, follow Cake Crumbs on Instagram @cakecrumbs and on Facebook @Cake Crumbs.

Atwater Brewery

The Atwater Brewery’s owner has a true passion for beer that is reflected in the way he and the rest of the team operates the business. They’ve carefully considered the demands of their customers and have remained committed to providing the highest quality beer, spirits, wine, and seltzers at reasonable prices. The original Atwater Brewery is located in Detroit, but after being met with sizeable success, the company expanded to Gross Pointe, opening Atwater at the Park. Stop into either location to try the Pumpkin Spice Latte Ale. To learn more, follow Atwater Brewery on Instagram @atwaterbeer and on Facebook @beerdetroit.