3 Michigan-Made Father’s Day Gift Ideas

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | June 17, 2016
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Father’s Day is coming up quickly. This Sunday, June 19, is the big day for celebrating the fathers and father-figures in all of our lives. You could take your dad out to eat, but maybe you want to wow him a little more.

Getting him a nice gift would put you on the right track, but why not put a little Michigan spirit into that gift? There are actually some great Michigan-made products that make for great Father’s Day gift ideas. Below, we’ve compiled a list of a few we think are worth checking out!

Detroit Grooming

Detroit Grooming, a company based in Ferndale, Michigan, is a one stop shop for all of your male grooming needs. They make everything a man could need to spruce up his look from grooming & beard oils to combs & brushes. Has Dad “become one with nature,” and started growing a killer beard? Stock him up on shampoo made especially for beards and throw in some beard butter to keep his beard soft and smelling great. Or maybe Dad is more of a clean-shaven type. Get him a new safety razor or maybe even an entire home shaving kit. Whatever your dad needs for his grooming needs, Detroit Grooming has you covered.

Mitten Crate

Founded by two men, Cory and Andrew, with a love of food and the state of Michigan, Mitten Crate is a fun concept for delivering Michigan-made food directly to your doorstep. Customers can elect to either receive a one-time shipment or to sign up for a membership where a new crate of five to six Michigan-made food products is sent to your address every month. Whether you want to test the waters with a one-time shipment or go for gold with a membership, Mitten Crate is perfect for dads looking to discover great Michigan-made food.

Adventure starts with a vehicle that’s up for anything. Trailblazer combines comfort you want, the versatility you need, and the technology to make every moment count.


Since it was founded in 2011, Shinola has made and sold quality, fashionable products to the masses. While based in Detroit, Shinola also has an online storefront that you can peruse for the perfect Father’s Day gift. In fact, they have a section of their website dedicated to Father’s Day gifts. You can find high-quality watches (one of Shinola’s flagship products), belts, journals, pens, carrying cases, wallets, clothes, bicycles, baseball mitts, sunglasses and more. If you’re downtown, stop by Shinola to check it all out in person.

What other Michigan-made places do you think are worth checking out? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!