Find The Ultimate Seafood Feast

By: Karen Dybis | March 4, 2022

In the old days, families who wanted to maintain a non-meat-focused meal during the Lenten season had few choices–and many of those poor choices had to do with fish sandwiches from a national fast-food chain. Today, however, there are many Metro Detroit seafood feasts to be found during the time of Lent, and their menus are as varied and exciting as any upscale restaurant. 

If you go to a traditional restaurant, look for one that does a decent amount of fish dinners. That way, you know you’re getting the freshest product available because of volume ordering and selling. You might also want to ask where they get their food and what kind of fish they specialize in to get the best flavor and freshness. 

The key to a good seafood feast for your family is simple. You want to look for a Lenten dinner that has a lot of options available. That can include fried fish as a treat but should also have baked fish such as salmon as another choice. Some fish frys also include shrimp or vegetarian options, so check for that as well before placing your order. Another thing to look for is great side dishes that are healthy as well as tasty. Fries are great, but how about a loaded baked potato? 

Next, you want to find out if there are to-go options as well as in-person dining. Eating on-site can be great if you want to hang out with friends or enjoy a communal table. Sometimes, you can get better in-house food options if you are eating there, such as a dessert buffet. But if you want to-go as your go-to, then look for a place near your home or somewhere that has a well-organized line so you can grab your food and get home before everything cools down too much. 

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Here are five Metro Detroit seafood feast ideas for getting something delicious to enjoy during your Lenten-focused meals. 

Scotty Simpson’s Fish & Chips

If you want to be honest about it, you cannot say you have eaten everywhere in Detroit until you’ve had a fish and chips dinner at Scotty Simpson’s place. The classic fish-and-chips restaurant opened in 1950, and people have loved its seafood feasts ever since. The quality food, top-notch service and fun atmosphere keep everyone coming back for more.


Birmingham and the rest of the Metro Detroit area know: You want great seafood that is perfectly seasoned, prepared with care and delicious, then you head to Hazel’s. The restaurant changes its menu four times a year to focus on in-season seafood, and its current menu called Hazel’s Crab Trap will continue through April. Check out the classic fish & chips if you are looking for a Lenten treat. 

St. Isaac Jogues Men’s Club

St. Clair Shores is home to this vibrant religious and school community, and its fish fry is legendary for its options, service and speed. You can come between 4:30 to 8 p.m. every Friday in March through April for curbside ordering and pickup. It offers a wide array of foods that will make every member of the family happy and full. 

St. Paul of Tarsus Knight of Columbus

If you want a fish fry and you only have limited time, then this St. Paul of Tarsus Knights of Columbus Lenten event is for you. These drive-thru dinners are available from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. every Friday at the church. The options are tasty and the drive-thru option makes the meal something everyone can enjoy. 

St. Isadore Church K of C Fish Fry

Talk about a treat: This is the OG of fish fries. At St. Isadore, the good eats take place every Friday from March 4 through April 15 from 4 to 5 p.m. There is no sit-down area with this fish fry; it is drive-through and takeout only. The menu includes fried or baked cod; fried shrimp; and kids’ meals. Sides include redskin potatoes, coleslaw, mac n cheese and a bread roll. Kids can have two slices of cheese pizza or mac n cheese. Be forewarned: there are no substitutions, so enjoy your meal as presented. Cash, check or credit card are accepted.