Fish Fridays in Metro Detroit

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | March 10, 2017
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You might have recently given up meat on Fridays for religious reasons or you might just be looking to cut back on red meat for your health. Whatever your reason, metro Detroit has plenty of great places to partake in a little something from under the sea and while fish & chips are a mainstay, there are plenty of other great fish dishes in the area.

Fried Fish Curry @ Huron Room

If you’re looking for seafood with a kick to it, we recommend trying the fried fish curry at Huron Room. Using a flavorful perch catch, South African-style curry, Basmati rice and herbs, Huron Room delivers a dish that is sure to leave a lasting impression. We recommend pairing it with one of the many Michigan beers, wines and liquor from the bar.

Caramel Apple Salmon @ Black Pearl

If you have a gluten-free diet on your mind, too, the caramel apple salmon from Black Pearl in Ann Arbor will have you jumping for joy. Seared Atlantic salmon, chipotle green beans, fingerling potatoes and an apple caramel sauce that will make your sweet tooth sing is all you need to know.

Catfish Sliders @ Green Dot Stables

Detroiters will know Green Dot Stables for its wide variety of sliders and that includes the catfish slider, served with cornmeal and tartar sauce. How often are you going to be able to enjoy catfish in slider form? At just $3 each, we suggest ordering a couple to get your fill.

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Hot and Crunchy Grouper @ Detroit Seafood Market

How would you like a nice grouper that’s been breaded with the classic cereal Cornflakes? Look no further than Detroit Seafood Market. Red pepper flakes, a spicy chili sauce, rice and a seasonal vegetable round out this delectable dish.

Yellowfin Tuna @ Streetside Seafood

The seared yellowfin tuna at Streetside Seafood in Birmingham will leave a tasteful mark on your tastebuds thanks to a thai chili aioli that is accompanied by vegetable fried rice and a sweet soy glaze. Equally eye-catching is the rainbow trout from Indian Brook Farm in Jackson. It is served with bacon, so you’ll have to ask them to hold that, but the barley risotto, spinach, apple, candied almonds and apple gastrique give the rainbow trout a real taste of Michigan.